Coming Back For Revenge


I haven’t touched Evolve or the Forums in sooo long, so it’s very nice to come back and hop onto this stuff again. I hope I can come back smoothly and not get destroyed online!

I also have been dying to kill some Hunters since my Final game was rather Hunter friendly, so… Gorgon will be a nice trial for my revenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome back to the forums!


Better brush up while you can on Monday…I expect a slaughter-fest for both sides come Tuesday! Welcome back!


Oh there’s gona be a slauhgterfest alright…

Shear will be littered with monster blood…especially gorgon’s.


Welcome back!!! You returned at a great time indeed. Personally, I can’t wait to dismember Gorgon’s delicacy of a thorax, chew through the appetizing armor and feast on the warm and highly poisonous arachnids with a side of A1 sauce and a tall glass of acid saliva


I got my eyes on you hunter lover. I’ve been seeing your anti-monster propaganda round these parts for too long.


This is MY planet! You don’t just get to come here and start tearing it up. Nu uh. I shall exterminate your kind with a fiery anger. Starting with Gorgon, then Wraith then Behemoth then Kraken then Golaith.


Welcome back yo! I myself am ready to make a meal out of the hunters with gorgon. Goliath will have to do until then. :wink:


that’s rich pal. No mercy for imperialist planet tamers. This is the Monster’s planet, and they will not be brought to heel. The BEST thing you can do is evacuate.


We evacuate the colonists, but us…we stay and fight! FOR GLORY!!!


Its about to be a blood bath Tuesday. Those poor hunters, hope they dressed for a funeral :smiling_imp:


There’s no glory in death friend.


The hunters are coming the monsters are getting scared, Don’t worry…we’ll make it quick.


can’t wait to watch the hunters squirm


Pfft, us afraid of people like you?
I mean im more friendly to hunters than other monsters, but im not afraid!
If i was afraid, i wouldn’t let a hunter tame me. Yes, i would let a hunter tame me because they would ride me to victory. (which i don’t know how that would work if i was Meaty and i’d have flames on my back)
Like i’ve said before in another thread all you need to tame me is a lot of belly rubs and food.
I don’t even care if this is basically what i said in another thread but YOLO


I ain’t scurred.


Went from welcoming a person to Goliath belly rubs. Lol


Can’t we have Kraken last? ;-;


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yeah…I do like to torment him the most (He’s just so damn ugly. And I do like Sushi)


Welcome back senpai ^.^