Coming back after a year


Well, I’ve had some life issues to sort out, Evolve died at one point. Now it’s back and (IMHO) Better then ever. I’m glad that the founders get to keep all their stuff and hunters. This new model is great, and I’m loving Rogue Val and well all the different/ better versions of the original hunters SO MUCH FUN, not to mention Meteor Goliath and Elder Kraken badass looking monsters. I’ve missed this game, and I’d like to say congrats on reviving this game to the Devs.

So I’m glad to be back! Hope to see more fellow founders in game now. OH also since I’ve missed a lot could anyone direct me to any lore content so I may catch up?

Thanks for reading!


This section of the forum will be your friend

Edit: Our own @Takran also visited the subject of the monsters after Kala’s story was created


OH YES That’s what I’m looking for! Thanks!

Edit: Neat! Can’t wait to fully catch up!