Come on TurtleRock, fix the damn Wraith already


Or better yet, why is she even still allowed in tournaments??? both Chappie and the GameBattles tournament they did not ban the wraith, and it all comes down to seeding, a team that plays Wraith twice will always win cause everybody abuses the Supernova->Decoy bullshit. How do i wreck a team as a Kraken 10 times worse than their Wraith, but they still win because they get to use the Wraith twice…not fair at all. Either fix the fucking Wraith or ban him from tournaments, cause this is getting ridiculous.


They asked nicely for you people to stop posting about the Wraith. No one cares anymore. We’ve heard it all dude.


They didn’t ban Wraith because Wraith is completely beatable.

That’s all.


lol. yea its beatable, but they way people abuse the Supernova->Decoy shit…it is unbeatable. if you played a Wraith that knows anything about being a monster, you would know that he’s in fact unbeatable. that is all


Get good that is all, or get a competent team wraith is very manageable wiyh a good team. Thay saif she does still need a nerf


@SledgePainter ?

Let’s not fight people. Say your opinions, and nothing more.


…I was supporting your opening post.


Sorry bro. I didn’t mean to sound like a dick. These people saying the wraith is completely unbeatable, and trying to get it nerfed into oblivion just sicken me…


People can have their opinions. Truth be told I had a lot of trouble fighting off wraith myself. But, it is beatable. Just needs a special strategy that not everyone can pull off.

If someone says they want to see it nerfed, well, so be it.


It’s the people who make it sound like she just wrecks them at evolve 1 that need to just l2p.


Please stop crying about Wraith and play with friends, randoms = Wraith food, deal with it or play with friends or better yet… play as wraith and pwn noobs like yourself :smiley:


a decoy shouldn’t be able to do damage, MUCH less be affected by supernova like wtf, all a Wraith has to do at stage 3 is pop supernova and then decoy, the decoy will take down at least 2 people, and if not, you can set up to where you can finish them off


Guys i think it would be better if you gave tips on how to beat the Wraith instead of just saying it is beatable


Just beat a level 3 wraith today. Beatable.


If the Wraith plays poorly.

It is a very, very uphill battle against a good Wraith - odds close enough to practically call unbeatable.


I think the op is just one of those people who is wholeheartedly set on never changing their opinion and usually its easier to let it be
“You do you, I’ll do me, and we won’t do each other…probably”


There’s no need to complain, if you aren’t skilled enough to beat wraith, just practice ! :slight_smile:


I agree with you that Wraith is broken, but you need to calm down.

Let’s have a civil discussion respectful of those we disagree with.


Wraith can be difficult to deal with in uncoordinated public games, but a well-coordinated team can effectively trap and kill her.


This kid is spam reporting our comments because we don’t agree with him. Spotted the problem with evolve. It’s YOU OP.