Combo for kraken


Just curious on what you guys like to use against kraken what hunter combos and small tips. Me and my team need some ideas.


Go down on 2 knees and pray for a miracle.


Before I begin, Kraken is OP at the current game update. Since TU9 is right around the corner, plans and strats will change.

For Kraken, there is not a 100% win strategy. Usually what I see is:

  • Laz (movement speed, reload, or health regen)
  • Bucket/Cabot (reload, health regen, damage if Bucket)
  • Jack/Griffin (health regen)
  • Hyde (health regen)

Now to start things off, Keep Laz as far away as Kraken as possible. If Trapper throws a dome, have Support go and cloak them so monster doesn’t start immediately focusing Trapper. After Trapper is safe, have Support stay within range of Laz, but not too close. If Kraken starts focusing Laz, have Support pop their cloak to help Laz. Try to keep Laz’s cloak for emergencies. Now if Kraken still likes targeting Trapper, have Support go in and cloak Trapper to safety.

While this might not always work, it’s the best strat since Kraken can easily down hunters, since no other Medic can keep healing without the use of a defensive Support. Since Support can’t shield themselves (except Sunny) it is hard to heal them if they get targeted.

I hope this helpped


Torvald or Hyde for the assault.

Torvald definitely brings the pain more than Hyde will if he knows how to land mortars (and is landing shrap discs. This is VITAL) up into kraken- but Hyde offers a bit more utility. I’d strongly suggest jet pack on Hyde. Save the jets and go up to burn kraken, then use the Mini gun as the dot ticks away. The damage is -nothing- to scoff at, especially with krakens redone hit boxes where you’re more likely to hit body than limbs. Stink nades are your utility. They auto pop banshee mines. Use this to your advantage for whoever is being focused. Still going to probably eat the lightning strike, bu it can negate the mine damage and deter some aftershocks / up close heavy/vortex/pounce combos.

Crow for your trapper. All day. Every day. Stasis is arguably the strongest cc against kraken, for reasons I think most misunderstand. The constantly pull down on kraken has many huge benefits. First get the notion that it sucks because it won’t ground kraken reliably out of your head. Yes this is true against a good kraken. but that’s not why it’s beneficial. Kraken will be using all of his traversals just to stay airborne. This limits his capacity to quickly come in, do a heavy vortex pounce combo or aftershock- and immediately skirt away constantly. He’ll have to wait longer between these, or he WILL get grounded.

The other big thing, is it constantly lowers him. Right to the assault. Who can now do more damage because he’s constantly closer. Beating kraken is a damage race. First and foremost. Never forget this.

And because crows stasis STAYS with the monster he can keep you in stasis 100% of the time he sees you. Which is always with kraken in most practical engagements. His damage is nothing to scoff at, because he can land it reliably anayahere from in the dome (one nod to Abe however for his ability to punish aftershocks if he’s landing head shots. Just face kraken. Tank the as. And punish him hard for it). and gobi is arguably the strongest tracking tool in the game. Crow all day every day.

Support- Hank. Always Hank. Unless you do a laz Cabot comp. other wise. Hank. He’ll force kraken to make him the weak link and had the capacity to punish aftershocks heavily with orbitals.

Medic- rogue Val. Always assume a good kraken WILL get downs no matter how good you are. If krakens not gettin downs, he’s not a good kraken in relation to you or made big mistakes. R Val brings more hurt reliably against kraken due to her dots- but the biggest. She can camp downed bodies all day with kraken. Her ability to 100% prevent bleed outs, and flat out pick people up by doing nothing but being there if her heal burst is ready, puts HUGE pressure on kraken.

The second pick is laz. I don’t feel I need to cover laz Cabot comps. Punish everything. Punish it hard. Trapper will be a primary focus often, save the cloak for when an opener lands and hide them- the goal is to have them go down AFTeR you’ve eaten into the monsters hp a bit. Do this and with Cabot/laz they will not be able to camp. Fail. And well. Gg:p


I tried laz with my friends and it worked barely made it out alive. But nothing but krakens lately and I will be honest it’s not fun. I’m not Gona go into the whole OMG kraken OP grrrrr, were just trying to get ideas on how and who to fight with against kraken.


My favourite comp against Kraken:

Markov/Blitz Markov
Abe or Crow
Val or EMET


I prefer Abe, Markov or the Blitz, Hank and whatever medic your team is most comfortable with.


People seem to like crow for kraken


Crow is good too,I just personally like Abe better. It’s down to personal preference.


Same recently we went up against a really good kraken we used laz Hank Hyde Abe, we were at distillery and we decided to fight him in the trees which worked pretty good.


Lol that never works for me (tree fighting) I always lose the monster in the leaves.


It’s new for me not sure if it works with all krakens but it did for us only once.


Personally against kraken I use esc disconnect

jokes am i right fellas


Use Laz + Bucket. :laughing:


Why bucket though? Because of his sentry guns?


Extra damage I guess doesn’t seem to be much when a kraken is camping a body from a distance.


Do Bucket’s sentries destroy banshee mines?


A team that I’ve had success with and that gold teams use on me that screw me consists of Parnell, Crow, Hank, and Val. The stasis and tranq will slow and bring down the kraken. Movement speed is optional but you need stay on top of the kraken most of the game. Preventing kraken from feeding and hitting him while he’s running is vital, this is where a lot of your damage will come from and is your key to winning. If you’re unable to get a decent amount of damage by stage 3 then you’ll probably lose.

Besides being on the chase, you want to shoot all banshee mines, though I’d leave 1/2 of this task to the trapper. Val and hank both need to be able to keep line of sight on everyone. Everyone needs to be capable of dodging a lightning stike and conserving jetpack fuel. On some maps you’ll be able to corner the kraken and continually shoot him while the trappers waits at a spot where he can cut off the monster if an escape is attempted. Choosing enclosed areas is the best for relay fights, but if there aren’t any then fight on a place where you’re on even ground. You can also keept track of how long the monster has before it can use another lightning strike. With banshee mines and the majority of lightning strikes dodged or mitigated you can beat kraken.

All of this is easier said than done and requires everyone to be very coordinated. Finding a good crow is hard to find as well. Kraken is breakfast for the balance team because of their coordination, but is much harder for everyone else to beat because not everyone is that good. What I find funny is that no other monster requires this amount of coordination and skill to beat.


I believe so.


The tips for dealing with Kraken really come down to the team comp.

If you’re running a cabot comp, I’d say hyde, Abe/Crow, RV, and obv cabot; you find the monster early and then pepper it with as much DoT as you can while Cabot has the amp up.

If you want a little more defense, I’d say EMET, Hank, Hyde, and Abe/Crow; EMET creates a killbox and everyone needs to attempt to stay inside of it, you should also select some sort of movement perk; MS works very well with EMET, just camp underneath the kraken when they attempt to LS you.

Laz is also a good choice if you can play him effectively. Comps’ll vary.

In general spread out this is the best thing you can do with any monster. Find a perch, pay attention to where everyone is, and for the love of all that is holy, do not break line of sight with your team. You do that, you’re screwed.

Kraken has bad mobility compared to other monsters. Use this to your advantage, you can out-cheese him.