Combat range


Hi all, just wondering if anyone can confirm any findings they have on combat range in the game.

I’ve heard from some people that the combat range is 50m and others that it’s 70m - mostly people stating the latter. I could swear I’ve even seen some devs state that it’s 70m.

I did some testing yesterday with my friend in a custom on PC, him on Kraken and me on Cabot. I spammed pings him to judge distance. I’m assuming the pings measure in m. It’s easy to tell when you’re in combat with a Kraken as not only do you get the standard health-bar showing up, but it also changes the Kraken’s flight mode from glide to hover. (When in combat, the Kraken will not slowly descend from the sky)

We confirmed conclusively that the combat range is actually 60m, this was with me on a building roof and the Kraken in the air at the same horizontal level exactly 60m away. At ~60m, shooting him didn’t pop health-bar and he descended slowly. The moment I moved forwards to 59m and shot him, he started floating and the health-bar popped up. Wish I could upload a video but my internet bandwidth is disgustingly bad.

So, a few questions really -

  1. Is this 60m combat range intended? I’m a bit concerned as I’m pretty sure some devs have stated it to be 70m.
  2. Do combat ranges vary depending on the Monster?
  3. Has anyone got any solid info to the contrary? Maybe pinging isn’t accurate or something like that?


What do you mean by “combat range”? The range that changes bot behaviour?


The monster will recieve additional stamina regeneration while in combat. Combat status is caused by receiving damage from a hunter within the radius (which apparently is 60 according to the tests). Combat lasts from the first instance of damage with in the range for 10 seconds, duration refreshing every instance of damage by the hunters.


I see - there is this Val mastery where you have to put in tranqs at a minimum range of 60 m, I think. I did the same with pinging the monster for that. That’s the only clue I can give about it.


Tranqs btw do not activate combat status.


Hmm, I recall them calling 70 meters as well because many Krakens tended to fight at about 60 meters after doing testing and were unable to stay in the air, so they had changed it… or so I thought. Maybe it hasn’t been changed yet?


I’m almost positive it’s 70 m. I can retest it to see if it changed, but it was confirmed by Macman at one points as being 70 and that sounds about right.


So was I before I tested, what with Macman and I believe Squirrel stating it and all - if you could retest that would be great as I feel like I am crazy, but it was so clearly dead on 60m on my test, there was no mistaking it.


Were you basing that off of your skills on cooldown or the Hp/Armor bar?


Based on the Kraken entering hover mode and its health bar appearing, with both of these it’s immediately obvious that the Kraken is in combat state. 61, 60m no health bar, Kraken slowly descending, walk forwards to 59m, boom Kraken stops dead midair and health bar appears. No way close to 70m.


I’m not 100% sure that showing the health/armor shows combat state tbh. That being said I’ll check it out tonight.


Yeah, that’s why we tested with Kraken floating, I was unsure as well but we also essentially confirmed that healthbar showing = combat state. The moment it appeared as a result of damage done within 60m, the Kraken started hovering and vice versa when it stopped hovering.

Did you get a chance to test it for yourself? Would be great to have some closure on this.


Not last night. Last night was practice night. I should be able to by tomorrow at the latest as that is my day off.