Combat range is still 60 meters [Resolved]


As of 5.0 the patch notes stated that combat range is now 80 meters. However, combat range is still 60 meters. Video proof:

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Does it prove that, or is the health bar set to a different distance? Would be interesting to find out more

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We’ve been told that when the monsters health bar is showing that indicates that the monster is in combat.

So, at the bare minimum, it’s a bug with the UI.


The easiest test would be to have the monster goliath check their leap smash recharge


I just re-tested it with a friend. The monster is definitely not in combat for the purposes of abilities or traversal regeneration in the 60-80m range. It’s not just a UI bug, it wasn’t changed at all.


Thanks for doing the test to put my mind at ease, hopefully a Dev will pick this up on Monday :smile:


This is good feedback. :smile:
I love when people check for these kind of bugs.


Sweet. Keep it 60.


I knew something fishy was going on when I still couldn’t outrun hunters without slows.


This is a bug thread, not a balance discussion. I’m not saying it should or should not be changed for the sake of balance, I’m saying the patch notes and what we were told on stream by the devs are incorrect. Maybe they already know that. Maybe they don’t. In the case of the latter, you can find the reasoning behind creating this thread.


“Monsters are generally faster” they said, it’s not a nerfs they said.

Thank you, for that awesome report, it’s a huge and great work! This should be fixed ASAP since we’re playing with instant dome deploy with wrong animation and treversal nerf

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This might explain why, from what I’ve been watching on streams, it’s just as easy if not even easier to catch Monsters when they go for Evolves to dome them. If they had their traversal recharge reduced on top of not having that increased combat range that means Monsters are effectively even slower than they were pre-patch.

Hope a dev comes across this thread and can confirm.


The way that the combat range works currently is that the monster must be within 60 meters to enter combat but once the monster has combat status the range to exit combat is extended to 80 meters.

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Very interesting! So you’re saying that if I enter combat at 60 meters and then continue to take take damage between 60-80 meters I will stay in combat correct?


Being shot between 60-80 meters will not extend the timer if you are already in combat. You will stay in combat between 60-80 meters as long as the combat timer persists.


Huh. Ok then. That’s a lot more nuanced and a lot less helpful to monsters than the patch notes make it sound. Thank you for the detailed information and taking the time to explain it all! :smile:


Added “[Resolved]” to the title to signify that the problem has been solved and is not a bug :stuck_out_tongue: