Colossus > Behemoth


I still think Colossus would have been a better name than Behemoth, anyone else agree with me on this?

Hopefully TR can pick up the name again with a different monster.


Sorry, I completely disagree with you mate.

Kraken, Goliath, and Behemoth have such distinction. A colossus is a general description for something that’s big. You can use the word Behemoth to describe something big as well, but it has an actual creature attached to it and not just an adjective.


When I hear Titan, I think Titanfall.

When I hear Colossus, I think SOTC.

When I hear Juggernaut, I think COD.

When I hear Behemoth, I don’t think of anything game related.


I thought of Final Fantasy when I saw Behemoth. I liked that, so I voted for it :smile:


When I think colossus I think something along the lines of 18 stories tall. While the name Behemoth means something big it makes me think of something 25-30 feet tall.


Oh, I don’t play Final Fantasy. I can’t get into it.


Plus Behemoth just sounds threatening.


Heroes of Might and Magic 3!


Never even heard of it.


I think the idea was to use the names of existing creatures or things from myth

Kraken is a giant legendary squid from the oceans and Kraken in this is very cephalopod/cthulu like.

Wraith is a ghost like creature which describes our Wraith Nicely

Goliath is hard to relate to this but you could use the story of David and Goliath as refence since Goliath has a very humanoid profile with the hunters being David

Behemoth is a giant creature associated with Hebrew myth tied to the Land with Leviathan and Ziz being the Ocean and Sky respectively. Colossus gives the impression of soemthing that is tall while Behemoth gives the impression of mass and width as well which suits our giant boulder pretty well


Then you are probably under 20 years old :stuck_out_tongue: Not bashing on you just saying this game is legendary and if you haven’t heard of it you can’t have been a gamer when it was out.


I am 14 years of age. :smile:


If you like strategy games you should check it out! An HD edition of it has just been released on steam.



I still think Monolith would have been a good fit. Behemoth is growing on me, mind you.