Colored Gobi?


Gobi is crows pet, as daisy is Maggie’s. It just hit me that daisy is affected by skins. So will Gobi also change based off of crows skins? It would be pretty awesome to see a bloodeagle Gobi!


Im more curious about what Elite Behemoth will look like.
I bet he looks cool :3


I would assume as much.

But doesn’t Gobi stay in the air at all times though?


What do you mean? He is on your shoulder and then when you sent him out to scout an area he flies off then comes back.


He does? Alright thanks. Guess I skimmed the trapper description a little too fast. xD


Well, I think Albino behemoth will be made of such a Granite :3

and… Am I just only one thinking that Screenshot shows us his Elite skin?


Nah, hes too grey, he just looks like he has full armor


OMG he is IN your shoulder! Sound painful.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh sorry, my mistake, that must be painful indeed, english is not my first language in my defense.
on your shoulder


Here you go. The last couple of pictures are the elite behemoth. Enjoy!

Behemoth skins


Omg, much thank, very happy


We Want Elite Gobi !!..


When Gobi is equipped, he stands on Crow’s wrist, like a hunting falcon. Skins for Crow will almost surely affect Gobi, and he will look super badass. From the games I’ve seen, Gobi is very, very useful and get used a LOT. I am excited to see Blood Eagle Gobi.


If you watched the stream from yesterday then you would have seen Crow with the Predator skin equipped and Gobi was green and orange so skins do affect Gobi. The Predator skin looked really cool.

I am excited for this too as well as Elite Gobi. :stuck_out_tongue:


did they said that the last 1 is elite because the monster has not the elit badget


I don’t know why they wouldn’t. Gobi is an “ability” just like Daisy is so Gobi will surely change color too, I would think.


The monster doesn’t have the elite badge because this is the build they used for testing stuff. Doesn’t matter. It’s the Behemoth elite skin. They’ve got everything unlocked except the character bonuses.


@TheMountainThatRoars you can close this topic if you want to also, since everyone knows now anyway :grin:

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