Colorblind Mode 1.0


Hi all!

I wanted to share the details of Colorblind Mode 1.0!

We announced it on the accessibility portion of the stream today!

As I said, we’re working on making the game more colorblind friendly, and we thought it was better to start releasing it in chunks rather than waiting for everything to be done before releasing it.

Changes coming for version 1.0:

  • Changes to Hunter name tags to show the icon above them while the mode is one
  • Custom FX implementation for the following:
    • Markov’s mines
  • Blitz Markov’s mines
  • Blitz Markov’s Lightning gun
  • Hank’s Orbital Barrage targeting
  • Cabot’s Dust Tagging Targeting
  • Ping updates to use symbols (for everyone, not just those using colorblind mode!)
    • General ping (yellow circle)
    • Monster ping
  • Elite wildlife
  • Threatening wildlife
  • Non threatening wildlife

I had said that for Monsters when turned on it would show the character name instead of player name. QA has informed me it may have not made it into the final title update, so I’ll follow up and let you know. If not, we’ll catch it the next go around. :slight_smile:

Update: I can confirm this is not in the next title update. Will keep you posted on when it will go out.

As I said, we’re continuing to work on colorblind mode for future improvements. We know our game still isn’t 100% colorblind friendly; outlines, footprints and Slim’s Spore cloud could be improved.

So, we’re going to keep digging through our code and figuring out where and how we need to retrofit support.

That being said - if you have any other areas of trouble or additional feedback for areas that cause difficulty for you as a colorblind player, let me know! All feedback is very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for playing Evolve!

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Mod Addition:
See the stream where the discussion took place here… 21901098
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…at the 1:35 mark colorblind mode is discussed at length.

Difficulty Identifying Hunters In-Game


This is gonna help so many people. I know a few people who have really been hoping this would come out soon - many people’s days will have been made because of this! :slight_smile:

You all rule! :goliath_roar:


Question: Could we have an option to toggle the new monster ping on or off? Personally I prefer the normal red circle. Will this be possible?

And amazing new addition, I know of several people who will be pleased. :smiley:


As of right now, no. I’m not sure how we set up the ping system in the end, but I can put it in our feedback and suggestion pile while we we continue to make it better for everyone!


Thanks! You guys are the best. :smile: <3


Perfect addition to the game! Two things;

  1. Can we pin this so it’s readily available?

  2. Can we get clips or possible footage of how it would look in game, from monster and hunter POV’s? Maybe those who have colorblindness can offer some tips or ideas?

Thank you for everything you do!


I edited in the stream link and area where colorblind 1.0 is discussed into the OP. Also pinned.

@CKZ0MBIE some footage from the link is of colorblind mode though inactive gameplay, but it should be helpful to see.



Oh, you. Being awesome.


Woo! As I’ve been saying in my previous posts, I have been super excited for this to come to fruition. I am completely lost inside a spore cloud, and determining crucial game factors when aiming as hunter as well is hindered by my colorblindness.

Thank you thank you thank you TRS.


Other than new hunters and monsters this is by far my favorite update you all have done. Thank you so much for this!


All I can say is fuck yeah! Symbols above the players? Finally! I am not color blind, but I have a hell of a time identifying the characters. It’s the main reason I don’t play monster and this is awesome.


I love the ping changes. O.o


The symbols above the characters will not be visible to the monster as it would give too much of an advantage. That’s why they decided to display the character names (Val, Hank, Val, Markov, …) instead of the gamer tags in color blind mode.

Early Feedback
First of all, thank yooooooouuuu! This will make my life on shear so much easier. :kissing_heart:
So, I know I did not try this mode yet but would like to give some early feedback anyhow:

  • Ping icons: I never really had trouble with that. The colors are shiny enough for me to distinguish. But still a cool feature I think.
  • Character Icons: I understand that displaying this huge class icon above the name would be too much of an advantage. But what if you make the icon small and display it in front of the gamer name (like this: “:medic: Moiser”) ? You can balance the dimensions of the icon to a size where you feel it’s not much of an unfair advantage.
  • As I said in another thread I would like to use a color blind mode but still see the gamer tags instead of the character names. So if you stick with that solution, it would be nice if players can turn on/off color blind mode and character name labels separately.
  • Silhouettes in red: For a Monster all the crucial silhouettes are in red:
  • Markov’s mines
  • Foot steps
  • Cloaked hunter outlines
  • -> I have real trouble to see these thin red outlines on the green-ish surface. I only figured out that cloaked hunters are outlined in red a few days ago. Never seen that before. It would be nice if you could display them in blue or whatever.
  • Slim’s spore cloud: If this is enabled, I cannot see anything. So right now, as Slim is not viable and not played by anyone, is the only time I can kind of enjoy playing monster.
  • The green particle effect needs to be tuned down or replaced by another effect. If Sunny is firing with that mini-nuke and Hyde is flaming all over the place, it’s already very hard to see hunters without their names. Adding the spore effect makes it impossible. I heard the particle effect will be changed, I hope that will make it better for me and others.


Ok, so I am not colorblind (but then again who knows), however I have some problems discerning between support and trapper when playing monster. Would it be possible to give them more differentiated colors?


God yes, the support yellow and trapper green are so close, I spent so much time beating on the wrong Hunter while I was still learning the basics >.<

I still do from time to time, it can be really hard to tell from the silhouettes sometimes


Exactly. :smiley:
Even people that aren’t impaired have trouble differentiating them.

I’m wondering if those colors are the same as the colors for the class symbols because I have no problem identifiying the colors of the class symbols. All the name label colors seem to be lighter versions of the original class color - they need more saturation.


Great…now when is the TU coming…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s really the only issue i’ve had with color in Evolve. My color deficiency is classified as Deuteranomolous Trichromat, It’s not very severe, and don’t notice it in daily life unless I need to distinguish dark green from dark brown, but excited to see what the colorblind mode does for me in game.