Coloration / Powers


Hello! Just a quick question for the devs relating to monster design.

The Goliath glows a vibrant red color when at full armor and his attacks center around fire. (The Fire Breath of Course, The Boulder Throw leaves a fiery impact, The Leap Smash leaves a fire explosion, the Charge briefly seems to engulf him in fire and his melee attacks have a cool reddish-orange animation-thingy.

The Kraken glows a blue color on it’s wings, eyes, and face when at full armor and his attacks more clearly center around electricity.

What i’m getting at, are all the monsters going to have a specific color and element related to them. I really love that idea, that in the end each monster might glow a different color than, say, three red ones or two blue ones or something. The element thing is really cool as well, but I think the specific glow is coolest.

Of course, this might just be a coincidence, for all I know the third monster glows either of the colors mentioned before or also uses fire or something.


I want a rainbow colored monster.


I hope the next one is green!


I also noticed that when Goliath got the regen health perk his whole body lit up in red! I wonder if Kraken would alight in blues?


Although it’s not confirmed, the 3rd monster will be a different colour.
@SlinkyGuy spoke of some sort of old colour code system that went red, blue, green.
So I’m betting the last monster will be green.


Third monster confirmed:


Goliath and the Kraken set a huge precedent!

Third monster monster better get training!


Probably has nothing to do with it, but it’s nice to try to figure things out when bored. Going by colors, red is associated with fire and strength. Blue is associated with sky, water, and intellect (I always picture intellect in games being more like magic/ranged). If the next monster is Green, it would be associated with nature and healing. To me, it seems fitting for the female monster. I don’t know, boredom. Slow day.


I hereby announce a completely unofficial monster for DLC - Nyancat.

Powers, you ask?
1)Throws poptarts at opponents that do damage and slow them a small amount.
2)Flies through the sky in an arc making a damaging rainbow that lasts a few seconds (similar to how poison damage works) and slams the ground at the end of the arc.
3)Charms a player with it’s cute kitty-ness causing him to be unable to fire his gun for a short time.
4)Sings Japanese music causing damage all around him, those closer taking more damage.

Who’s with me?


Mantis Shrimp confirmed for 3rd monster.


Please, no. Just no.
This is a nice mechanic. Green could be for grass or plant related attacks. Yellow could be for radiation. Grey could be for a cyborg monster. Etc.


Green could be venom.


I love the color themes and the 3rd stage full armor glows. I also am crossing my fingers for a green monster for number 3, and then either a purple or yellow one for the future DLC.


What about purple? Green I think could be a plant monster like Biollante.


Biollante is the best kaiju! I would love a plant monster based off her.


Plant Monster


Nice! That movement ability is really cool! But yeah, I would be surprised if the last monster didn’t have a green theme.


I totally agree with you there, green is the next logical color choice


Either Green or yellow. Red, Blue, and Yellow. Though Green is my favorite color so I want green to be in there.