Colonists (& monsters) -- UNITE! :bucket_salute:


So that he can resurrect his fallen brethren.

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oh, right…



Is there an oath I have to say to change mine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, tell a mod you want the title Butthead. Oh, and to trade it for mine. Kappa

Feels like deja vu…

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I should just make it NOT A BUTTHEAD to spite you or something like that. :laughing: I’ll think of something better in the meantime.

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Join me and be Beavis!


Join us…

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I want a special title, but I don’t know what it should be. Any suggestions? The ones picked by the community tend to work out great.


How about Regularofnight?


I approve. @Sentry_Gun, can I get my title changed to Regular of Night?


@Sentry_Gun ,May I have my Colonist changed to “Slim’s Favorite Colonist” ?


:thumbsup: :slim:

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I think I have some explaining to do… so my internet broke (using a hotels wifi) and without internet cannot get pictures to edit or even upload, but, it will hopefully be fixed this week, and I’ll make up for it!


I know it’s been a while, but may I have my title changed to ‘Lurking For The Revive…’

Edit: Cheers @TheMountainThatRoars!


Ahhh! I missed all of this! I wanted to be " A Goddamn Colonist" or “The colonist who had one job” or “leapy smash colonist” or “john cena colonist”


Umm I purchased the game too but seriously even if this is old your were still being a complete ass dude chill you recived your founders pack they didn’t have to do it they could have spend the time and resources on something more important. The skins and animated badges is something we were gifted with idc and I purchased dlc and preorder so stop asking for the stupidest sh"ahem family friendly censor warning"t ever


I wonder if it ever occurs to people to check the date when they respond to posts.


Origin, first off welcome to the TRS Forums.

Secondly, generally if a thread has a reply that is more than a month old, the topic is considered dead and should not be bumped unless under very specific circumstances. Please read up on the rules and cool information about the forums here so you can get antiquated with how stuff gets ran here so you know for next time.

With that said, I think this thread can be put to rest since it was only relevant back when S2 was still under development, which was 9+ months ago. The quarrels have long been settled, so there is no need to stir up the pot again.

Thank you, and welcome to the TRS forums. :wink: :+1:


Xplonsion is correct, going to close this thread now. Also, welcome to the forums, @OriginXIncarnate :bucket_salute:

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