Collector's Edition


Detective @DamJess! I have a special case for you! Will there be any Collectors Edition of the game? Possibly with an Art Book, or some type of special physical, or in game items that nothing but the CE can get? :smile:


how about they include a Goliath Figurine?


Or a choice of any of the original three.


I really really want a Goliath miniature, something high quality preferably.

Also hard cover art book and steel book case.

Nothing super cheesy please like Dragon Age Inquisition did that drives the price up.


Oh man, if they make a Kraken figure in an SE, I will buy it without hesitation.


A collectors edition should come with a full Kraken suit, harpoon gun, metal case and a an opinion based survey on the recent problems in the field of onion management.


I think they should auction off that full-scale model of Goliath that they displayed at e3. (Jokes)


I must refrain from buying more Kong merchandise if I want a Collector’s Edition…


Unfortunately we can’t speak to any of this at this time :confused:

Poll: Evolve Collector's Edition

As much as I’d like to see a CE for Evolve, I find things like a model or figurine are too much for a new IP. While I trust that the game will be good, I find £60 is enough for a multiplayer only game on its own; charging extra would just be outrageous for a new franchise. The Watch_Dogs and Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning debacles with their collector’s editions are proof that it can go too far, and even come crashing down on studios’ future releases. I wouldn’t want people to start being wary of Turtle Rock if they felt the game wasn’t worth the price they paid with an additional figure that does little more than gather dust.

That’s not to say I’m against ALL collector’s editions, ALL pre-order deals and ALL games priced at 60 bucks. I for one am fanatical about steelbook editions of games, and very much like the artwork and soundtrack goodies that come with them. For a new IP I find this is all it should be working on so that people earn the trust of the developer, and if they like the game, they’re far more likely to get the next game in a CE edition - or at least brand new.

I’d love a collector’s edition and while a figure sounds nice, I find that a game like this is pushing the boat out enough with a £60 price tag; adding to that DLC (which I won’t judge yet due to little info being shared) and pre-order deals, it can be a bit too much and might encourage bad practice from other retailers/devs/publishers.

On a final note I should point out I’m not sure that the publisher is sticking to that price tag; I’ve just heard this from older posts from TRS employees (and even so, the price may be subject to change).


You must be getting ripped off my copy is only costing £47.99 where are you paying £60?


Well that is the point of a collector’s edition…it’s for those who want it. Those who find it outrageous can just not buy it…

As for MP only, am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous that SP only games charge that much? Like Bioshock…at least MP-only games are guaranteed to not be the same thing over and over…


I can find that on Amazon also, but someone in PR has said that they’re making a “triple AAA $60 experience”. Whether that was just a generic term I cannot say, but still, it’s very expensive for a multiplayer only title (see a recent example such as Titanfall’s criticisms).


Oh no, not at all. I think we’ve now come to expect both single player and multiplayer in our experience, but only recently have I become more critical due to how shoehorned either is. I will criticise Battlefield if it’s campaign sucks, and would much prefer those resources in it’s multiplayer… but at the cost of a price drop. Having a SP campaign or an MP mode for the sake of it is ridiculous, and I would just be prompted to buy used instead. Just like I’d critique Bioshock 2 for shoehorning in multiplayer; if games want to try be [insert generic modern military shooter game here] that’s fine, but it better not cost extra especially if I am certain those resources could be better piled into the game.

I agree with the idea of it being for those who want it; I certainly want it, but it requires a lot of trust and it can be a very consumer unfriendly practice. With my example of Watch_Dogs that game had five CEs which - while it may have been an extreme example - only alienated a lot of people, and some just threw their arms up in despair and waited for a GOTY edition that would undoubtedly be cheaper.

I just want to look out for TRS is all. They’ve done some great work and I’d hate for Evolve to fall on its backside while the figurine stares and mocks players who piled a fortune on it. Pre-order and collector’s culture can be harmful in excess, and I don’t want Evolve to get off to a bad start ^^


Suggesting that the value of tangible collector’s items correlate directly with the lack of in-game time you spent or how repetitive you found the gameplay.

Oh, and hey, I would argue that multiplayer games are the same thing ad infinitum - you shoot, shoot the shit, and you level up, for weeks and months on end. Single player games, narrative-charged efforts on the other hand oft impart messages, and in Bioshock’s case, thought-provoking social and existential commentary. But what good is that kind of knowledge when you could be shooting, shooting the shit, and leveling up, for weeks and months on end.

Choice is great. I chose Rapt-- Bioshock’s collector’s editions.

Apologies in advance were you waxing sarcasm.


First off, I am 90% sure that Evolve has a campaign in it, making it not MP only. Second off, in the US EVERY game comes out at $60 at least that I’ve seen. We all wish it was cheaper, but it is not until price drops and sales. I think Evolve should offer some type of CE with an artbook and some fancy things here and there. I just think it should be $100 or less, because $120, double the price, just seems a bit much unless I am getting a LOT of extra stuff, or at least a season pass inside. Also @DamJess have you heard anything on Evolve merchandise in the 2k store yet? I’m jw, and I realistically know it’s probably a no since you are all working on the alpha ATM.


Yea nothing on the merchandise front lately. It’s all hands on the Alpha deck right now.


Okie dokie, that’s good to know at least :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully once things settle down we can get our hands on those e3 bracelets :open_mouth:


I tell you what I would like: a statue in the game, like a bobblehead hanging off my arm-cannon or my monster’s shoulder! Now that’d be great collector’s tat!


The forum could certainty help speed it up if need be? :smile: