Collectors edition


Is there any word on if there’s going to be a collector’s edition or not?


There should be a Goliath figurine. Or a Krakn figurine. Or a figurine for all the characters! $265.98


I don’t know about a figurine you can always find stuff like that I’m thinking a book explain the backround an exclusive monster and skins and all the doc for 150-180 would be nice


Depending on what was included and for how much I would like to have a collectors edition. A really mean looking Goliath taking down a hunter would be really swell I think.

-Mild-Mannered Samurai-


I don’t think I would like this game be have a collector’s edition for it as it would have to be the look of certain things like exclusive weapon/monster skins or something


Goliath standing on the hill roaring would be so awesome! With those red lights in his body! I’m seriously thinking of purchasing that for $250.


Yes, 100 times yes I would buy this. I never usually buy special editions for games, but a Goliath figure would be too cool to pass up.


I really hope they announce one, be awesome having the season pass and everything all in one bundle!