Collectors Edition and what I think it should include


Ok we’ve seen a bunch of collector’s editions of games and they all have the same format; Art book, a figurine of some sort, and maybe a few in-game content that really isn’t that impressive. What I think they should have is the same format and all but for the in-game part, I think they should add an exclusive monster. Something that only the collector’s edition owners should have. That not only gives the purchase more of a hype to it, but makes the player feel better about making the purchase because it’s something they paid extra for. I already preordered the game, but if Turtle-Rock comes out with a collector’s edition that contains and exclusive monster to play as I’ll be upgrading no questions asked. I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t recall a time when a collector’s edition had something like that. By the way if Turtle-Rock is reading this I want to say that you are now my favorite development team. For you guys to make something as refreshing and new as this is just outstanding in its format alone. This is my childhood coming to life and I can not only play as the hunters but also the savage beast that can tear them limb from limb or stalk their every move like a primal assassin. I’m going to college for game development and design this August and I’ve always wanted to make something like Evolve. If I could ever be part of your team I’d be happy as hell to work with minds like yours.


I think a collectors edition would be cool. If there is going to be one I would be willing to buy it without even seeing whats in it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see an ultimate edition that had all kinds of sweet stuff. Would love monster statues (not just tiny figurines). Also things that can be framed (maps, posters, etc). Someone did this with Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest:

How amazing is that? I’d love to be able to have the materials to do something like that for my gaming area. Maybe some concept art or drawn pictures of the monsters. Metal lunchbox would be neat too. Or plush monster toys. :wink:

As for in-game stuff, I’m indifferent. A monster would be cool, but that might be a ton of work for a relatively small group of purchasers. I guess it would depend on how many collectors editions they were gonna sell.


You have to admit though it would be cool to have an exclusive monster :slight_smile:


It sure would! But I would just feel so bad for all the poor people who didn’t hear about Evolve until after it came out and the collectors edition was gone forever :’(


They should kickstart the collectors edition. That way, if they reach a certain goal, it would unlock a new skin/monster/map etc… They wouldn’t have to waste work on something that might not have a lot of attention. Of course, with it being this close to release, it would be a post release download.


I think an exclusive monster might be a bit much. Maybe exclusive skins that will never become purchasable?


It rarely becomes ‘never’ though, since nearly all the time, whenever this happens, the content is available to everyone after a while.


I know, that’s why a skin would make more sense to have as an actual exclusive than a monster, it is just a cosmetic dlc


Maybe early access to the monster? Eventually release en masse after a period of months?


I’d go for this. I have no problem with any in-game stuff being more early access rather than forever exclusive. What I want more than anything out of a collector’s edition is tangible, real-life stuff. That would make it worth it for me. The in-game stuff would simply be a nice little bonus, but I wouldn’t want to exclude everyone else that didn’t buy the bigger edition.


A Collectors Edition of any game is a way to show you are a proud supporter of that game’s company and/or game series. In my opinion, a Collectors Edition should have aspects that not only provide wonderful decor in your home or area of living. It should have features that let you stand out from the rest. It could provide the consumer with access to various add-ons that its company (Turtle Rock Studios in this case) may create. With that said, my hopes for a Collector’s edition includes:

  • A stylized case that is preferably durable.
  • An exclusive skin. This skin should be noticeable within the game’s environment. (An exclusive skin for the 3rd creature perhaps)
  • A pass/discount for the upcoming 4th monster that is DLC.
  • A figurine/statue type object. Perhaps an object located in one of the maps.
  • A map for a random arena within the game.
  • The Game itself.

These are my hopes for a Collector’s Edition. I wouldn’t mind purchasing an Evolve controller if one were to come out. However, sales of such a controller would be questionable.


Well, I think you have to preorder the game to get a collector’s edition and I think a skin would be fair.


I see what you mean with the skins and all that but it just seems like it’s always about the skins. I just think it’ll be cool to step it up a notch you know? I get what you mean PeirsPryce but to me if they don’t take the time to actually see news about the product then it’s their loss. It’s just how it is I just feel that the people who really want to support the product should get something a little more extraordinary than just skins you know? But the thing I’m thinking about is for The Turtle Team (My own little nickname for them) undergoing the process to create another monster. I understand it’s no easy task to where you just slap it in and it’s done. It’s a delicate process that takes time. I’d be very impressed if they could do that but I’d be happy with the skins. I really like the look of the Savage Goliath skin, it looks badass.


I like the sound of that. The Savage Goliath looks menacing as hell. If you guys can do that then I’d be happy :slight_smile:


Let’s just take this in a even more different twist. The people of the forums get _______ for there love of Evolve ( The most amazingly awesome game :stuck_out_tongue: ). Just messing around here, but it would be different Lol.


So I already ordered the game…but If it were anything special I like the skin ideas. An artbook with the art and lore of sheer and the monsters would be cool, and could possibly lead to books similar to the halo books.


I’m with Ricky on this one!


I just really want a Kraken statue. Maybe have a collectors edition for every monster? OR, just have NECA make them!!

For a CE though my biggest thing is having a FULL artbook in it. Recently the only CE i’ve seen with a non cut artbook in it was Skyrim. I hate HATE the tiny 52 page booklet with finished art in it.


When I preordered but the minute I hear there’s a collectors edition of some kind I’ll be upgrading that sucker right away!! I want some kind of monster statue. That would be really cool. An in game monster would be awesome too, as mentioned above!! :slight_smile: