Collection of various bugs and glitches I have encountered


Here is a list of numerous bugs or glitches I have experienced with Evolve ordered mostly by interest. I am certain most, if not all of these are known. Some videos may be muted or have distorted audio due to the music played during the recording.

A playlist of all these videos can be found here.

Skybox Val:
Val decided to use her hoverboots today.

Wraith is out of this world:
I got numerous potentially latency related glitches where my abduct would take much longer to decide whether or not I grabbed a person, broken trees (or maybe a ghost harpoon) prevented me from moving forward on several occasions to eventually prevent me from moving entirely only to fall through the world.

Behemoth also goes to Narnia:
Two matches in a row filled with movement glitches for Behemoth. The first match I hit invisible walls, the second match is a restart of the first and is essentially a no gravity bug for monster.

Hyde forgot his grenades:
A match in Evolve where I was playing Hyde who apparently forgot his toxic grenades on the drop ship. The ability did not exist and was not resolved by taking a break.

Evolve Invisible Man Monster Bug:
This bug involves a player getting matched to take over a bot monster, but rather than spectating the monster, the player controls a 2 heath bar monster that can walk, smell, and startle birds. The entity is invisible to the hunters but can be killed (and is required to be killed for the hunters to win the game even if they kill the bot monster). This bug happened both to me (and later again to the monster I played against). The second half of this video demonstrates it from the hunter’s perspective where gobi is able to identify the invisible entity.

Short: Evolve Katamari:
Server time out in Evolve.

The Stage 1 Stage 2 Monster:
Joined a game where I did not choose monster, perks or abilities. Goliath had selected rock throw, leap smash, and fire breath. I dont know what perk. Upon evolving to stage 2, my stage 1 abilities dissapeared and I only had the new 3 points I just allotted. This also happened 2 games prior to this one where I joined a kraken who just started and upon stage 2 I lost my stage 1 abilities but I wasn’t recording.

Goliath wants to fly:
Experienced two weird behaviors at the start of this match. First my leap smash seemed to lag, and then a melee attack sent me flying and threw the game.

Lightning strike fail:
An example of lightning strike slipping through the world and doing absolutely nothing.

MM Bug:
Waiting for players to load, one dcs, and no one is selected for monster even though monster is first priority.

Wraith evolve movement restriction:
1.2 PC version where Wraith is still unable to use WASD after an evolve.

SMAA setting is forced when running multigpu in Evolve:
The SMAA setting does not appear to be configurable in Evolve anymore. Evolve patch version is 1.2 (though I do not know if this was the case for patches prior). I am using two 290x cards on the 15.3 beta drivers (that have a crossfire profile now) but the issue also exists for my friend with a GTX690. I have also attempted r_AntialiasingMode = 0 in system and autoexecs without any luck.


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