Codes for streamer's and bug report


I am a streamer on And have been looking for people on the game to play with. At this time it is kinda hard at time’s to find a group. So i was wondering if it would/could be possible to let streamer’s who you see fit to get some extra code’s to giveaway to viewer’s. Also the bug part is that when i was in solo play and i started to eveolve as Goliath, i hit esc and my game went into “Not Responding” i tried this 2 more times to see if it would continue to do it, and it continued to do it. @Chloe


I don’t stream, but I’d love to fill in some slots when needed.

For now I just try to entertain the chat and think of good questions to fill out my new player’s guide.


Awesome man! Glad to see you’re Evolved in the community! Would be nice to have other’s like youself in a few of the match’s im in!


I plan on streaming, but it’s not something I’ve done in the past. So I’ll be waiting to see how my setup holds up. If things look good, I’d be up for a streamteam


You guys should definitely contact eachother. Theres a lot of people out there who are isolated playing vs bots from what I’ve heard … which is sad.

Plus, the press release is dominated by US and Canada Q_Q I wish we had full matches of EU vs EU.

One can dream I guess.


I would be glad to play with you anytime !

I wont be able to stream since i am already playing on 4k and streaming would take a big toll on my GPU / CPU and would be eating a lot of bandwidth … My internet connection SUX !


Are there actually any EU streamers? Everybody’s I spectated so far was from the US (team TrS, squirrel, you, mojo, chiprel,…)


Yeah, it’d be great to see people face off on EU times… really gets kinda annoying when my e-mail is spammed by ‘this and this person is live on twitch’ at 8:00.


The only person I can think of atm is a streamer named ‘WarspiritX’ but he mostly plays with the US-guys as well


Me as well, I don’t usually stream but I’d love to play. Maybe I could also start streaming!


I’m Mojo and I’m European(I think you knew that,but clarifying just in case)

I just stream/play during night time in EU, because the yanks are playing then and there’s simply more of them = more likely to catch a game with a full team.

TBH I haven’t TRIED to play during the day yet, but work is gaining up on me, so I won’t be able to play at night for much longer. I’ll try to get some parties going with EU streamers but I think that even post release I’ll be on from 8PM GMT to 3-4 AM GMT(up to 6/8 AM if I manage to get into some fun yank groups!)

If you’re streaming in the EU and want to setup some games during day time- PM me here or on steam and we can fix a date!

The other thing is…USAnians usually have better communication(us, Europeans having mixed accents that are often hard to understand, not to mention many of EU people are just shy with their speaking cause they don’t think their English is good enough)


Oh, i’ve seen you play a bit yeah. But I was mostly watching other people’s streams (or multitwitch).
I mostly watch the guys from TrS (the team, not the devs) and Squirrel, since they give alot of in-depth feedback on what they’re doing and tips/tricks for competitive gaming. (No offense to you, I’m just a really into competitive e-sports).


I don’t even know why I stream dude. I don’t expect you to watch! I merely answered to


There is just nothing to watch during the day for the EU people :frowning: And if there is somebody streaming it, it’s most likely vs. bots because there just aren’t enough EU-players/streamers on (but I get it, people have to work etc etc).

It’s just a bit… annoying, to only be able to watch Evolve-games at these late hours. But you’re all doing a great job when you do stream !!!


No one wants to give anyone codes around here, they’re so kind, aren’t they?