Codes and Alpha


I haven’t yet got any confirmation as to if the codes I’ve submitted have made it into the Evolve Alpha, however I’ve been in the Alpha before, so I’ve already gained access to this Alpha.

pending if I get any codes, I’ve used two: a single use in the first forum post to give codes away, and the multi-use forum code. IF either of those codes attached to either of my emails receive access, i’ll have up to two Alpha keys for PC.

I’ll update this topic once I know if either email I used gets a code, or if one of my codes that I do get goes to someone else not on the Forum.


oooo, i’m waiting for my codes as well, rather im hoping i get them for pc. but if you get em, give that shoutout and we will know that ball is rolling.


The more time passes , the more depressed i get of not getting into the alpha and have to wait 3 more months xd


you were here for the last Alpha weren’t you?


Ive used multiple codes on 1 email including a guaranteed code and i havent gotten an email about getting in.


I don’t mean as a participant, either.


Me? no did not know about the first alpha or this forum until september.


I have two confirmed extra codes, I’m going to give at least one away here, and try and convince my older brother to play with me : D

Feel free to comment and i’ll pick a person at random later today.