Cockroach achievement finally!


Had a little knock down, drag out fight with Goliath. I was Hyde, and Goliath cornered me. Used my toxic grenade and some flame thrower. Took some damage, popped shield last minute an kept fighting. Shield ran out, did a little more damage and then he downed me. At this point he only had a sliver left and my pistol FTW! Good times.


Nice one! I remember when I got the achievement, I just burst out laughing at the thought that I actually killed the Monster that way.

Done it a few more times now, still just as funny. :smile:


I wasn’t too surprised really. I really put an ass whooping on him before I was downed. Lol. But amusing all the same.


That’s the one achievement I’m fine with never getting.


Why is that ? I pulled out a win when I had no business winning. I take pride in that one.


It’s a joke about my katsaridaphobia.


I got it on behemoth :+1: :smiley:


@Shin and I sent you a cockroach in the mail.

…Not really. Even I am not that cruel. :slight_smile:


I would never do that. O.o


Of course not.


Careful now. Rapterror might just send you a rabbit. :open_mouth:


Can’t send one of those in the mail, would never make it through. Plus it would die. Plus it’d have to be a large package and I never, ever, ever open large packages.


I got this as a Medic while all other three hunters were still up in the dome. I couldn’t believe it.


Can’t remember if I got the cockroach achievement. * checks *
… Nope. :cry:

Wooo000t! Why if I may ask? I mean… what if one contained a large cake or somethin’?! D:


I got it while playing as Hank against a Goliath. he was down to two bars of health and I dropped an orbital barrage on him at the same moment he throw a rock at me


I hate cake.

Also I’m paranoid as f***. That’s why. :stuck_out_tongue: