Coach Cow using Observer Mode


Hey guys, I’m starting up a new playlist on my YT channel that has me using observer mode to help coach my community team. I’ve got a few videos up but should be uploading a few videos every day. I also will be going over map analysis in this series as well. Lemme know what you think.

Observer mode game 1

Observer mode game 2

Observer mode game 3


Keep posting them in here, I’ve set up to receive alerts :smiley:


Awesome, I’ve been looking forward to these!


I think I have a Rendering Map overview/analysis set to release tomorrow morning. I use MS Paint and crappy drawing skills to help coach some points for me team. Eventually I think I can refine the process a bit more.


I really enjoy these, but watching I think i might have seen a bug at ~10:50 of the first video. goliath walks right over a sensor in stealth and there was no sound. Aren’t they supposed to show stealth within 15 meters?


Sensors are spherical. The Sensor was up on some rocks, 15+ meters above Goliath sneaking.


Oh i see. Thanks for clearing it up. I thought they were a cyllinder, showing stealth on the map area not in game area.


Ya, we tested and they are spherical. For instance on Fusion plant, if you plant one on the top of the large base area (Where you can get to the generator room and they have the tall pillars) the monster in the Tyrant pit is too far below to get picked up even being loud.


That’s good to know, however dissapointing.