Co-Op missions suggestions for future content



I know we are still in the middle of the deepest dark challenge, but I had an idea as to how co-op could be implemented in a way that can also feel rewarding.

This suggestion is purely based on the co-op concept that TRS has brought out with the “deepest dark” co-op mission. although it is a very early stage of co-op, I still think it’s great to see that they are doing stuff like this, which can bring a lot of fun to evolve without losing the focus on their main gameplay: hunt. I think this kind of gameplay brings a lot to offer to the future of co-op evolve, and it might attract more of the casual type of players to try out the game.

Suggestion 1 : Adjustable difficulty
Allow players in the lobby to vote for a difficulty. the difficulty could be as follows:
Easy/moderate/hard. Fairly simple, but how would this concept work?
I will use “Deepest dark” as an example since it’s the only co-op exclusive mode for the moment.
Let’s say that the kind of mission that we currently have is the “easy” setting (since tbh, it’s not that hard), so we can base the moderate and hard setting on this.
One thing i noticed with the gorgon queen is that she appears to be stage 1 (correct me on this if i’m wrong). in the moderate setting she could be stage 2, and the hard setting she could be stage 3. so far fairly simple.

the unique feel of “deepest dark” is that kind of left-4-dead setting in which you fight hordes of monsters. what if, in the moderate mode, some of these eggs are stage 2 eggs, that have more hp and more powerful gorgon monsters inside, that have more hp/skillpoints than the normal broods. same would then count for hard mode, only in this mode, there are also stage 3 eggs with very powerful gorgons in them. this way the mode becomes a more challenging objective of managing eggs while fighting the monster at the same time.

More things that could add to the moderate/hard experience:

  • acid pools dealing more damage
  • gorgon queen punishing the hunters for not actually hunting (via armor regen, or simply aggression on the monsters behalf)
  • different types of gorgon brood that all have a different skill. the type of skill that they use could be recognized by different skin colours (for example: jade gorgon spits spider webs)
  • a high bonus in keys and experience for choosing harder difficulties.

Suggestion 2 : A reward system for co-op missions
For this I want to bring up the first suggestion which was difficulty settings. I already gave the example of bonus keys/xp. but it could go a step further. we all know the gorgon queen has a unique looking skin.
Would you like to unlock said skin? then you could defeat the gorgon queen in the “hard” setting.
This way players have an incentive to play these co-op missions, as well as try to win the modes on their hardest setting. this could allow players to come together and participate in communicative co-op missions.

Suggestion 3 : Co-op for monsters
You could make co-op missions for monsters, in which they fight certain premade teams of hunters, in specifi aesthetic maps (maps like the deepest dark). you could add special win conditions and such, maybe even revive things such as “defend” and “rescue” as co-op mission for both monster and hunters.

Suggestion 4 : “hunter” vs “hunter” friendly competition
A fun concept would be to let players choose a hunter, and play games in which they compete against eachother. I’m going to give 1 example on which I based this on.
Imagine a game mode in which the goal is to kill as many wildlife as possible. 4 hunters would join the match, they would all be able to pick assault and when the game begins. they compete to see who has killed the most wildlife in, let’s say 4 minutes. at the end of the match the player with the most kills gets bonus xp and silver keys while the rest gets roughly the same (because giving 4th place nearly nothing would be a d*ckmove).
SUGGESTED: every player votes for an assault, and the one with the most votes (or randomly chosen if tied) will be selected for all players. this prevents a player losing because they picked torvald instead of easy peasy markov.

So these are my idea’s let me know what you think of them, and would you like to see similar things in co-op?


I’m a little iffy on the ‘Hunter vs Hunter’ thing, but otherwise I think that the rest is really great ideas, actually.


tbh I came up with that as I was writing so yeah it’s a bit of a sketch on that part xD


I like the whole post, even Suggestion 4, but maybe make it so they all have to pick the same Hunter in S4?

If I were to pick Hyde, and one player picked Parnell, and the other picked Lennox, it might be a little difficult to just use my minigun when their rockets/autocannons are highly accurate.

Or perhaps some kind’ve “this mode only” tuning. Make Hyde’s minigun much more accurate over longer distances. Though I think Torvald would be the one most at a disadvantage being that he only has shotgun/Mortars.

Maybe more points for big wildlife that you would normally avoid?

As for the other 3 suggestions, great plans, all 3 ^^


Fair point. A voting system to pick 1 character for all players would probably be the solution :slight_smile:


Well they should just increase the difficulty if the average player level is over 20, it’s too easy. If players have a good win percentage in co-op, a good skill rating, or are all level 30+, they could increase it further.

All the Queen needs, at least as a temporary measure, is a damage increase.