Co-op hunt stage 2


I need some help guys. I’m not new to evolve, I’ve played over 1,000 hours on console. But I’ve recently gotten me a PC, and I can’t seem to find a match after the tutorials so I can move onto ranked. I’d really love to get into some matches and get wrecking as monster again. Any suggestions?

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You’re welcome to play some matches with me if you like. However I’d like to warn you, there is no ranked mode on PC anymore.

The matchmaking, nearly everything is the same. But there’s no “Gold, Silver, Bronze” ranked at all. It’s just Hunt Beta as a pure Hunt experience, no extras, no ladders, no placement matches anymore.

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That’s cool bro, I just need to get past the tutorial so I can unlock the other modes and collect keys. What’s your player name? I’ll be on later this afternoon…

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steam name Master Forge.

Picture of Urahara Kisuke from bleach as my profile picture. If you don’t know who that is…