Clown Wraith Decoy Waste of time


So, we all kinda chuckled when the clownfish wraith showed up. He kept us on a 15 minute run across the map where we weren’t able to dome it even once. We all sighed, prepared for the inevitable, and when it came time to defend the reactor, none of us expected what came next.
Please note: Very boring video: some action minute 14.

@Macman Please fix. The timer was drawn out from 2 minutes for OVER 18 minutes. With no signs of it ending anytime soon!

Some people still complaing about Wraith
Wraith Problems

Timer stops in combat if that’s what ur getting at.


Yes, that’s quite what I’m getting at. 2 minute timer… 18 minute waste of time. He didn’t even show up once! He just decoy spammed for 18 minutes! That’s not playing the game. That’s not even a real timer!


Yea ill agree that match was BS but I can’t see any real way to fix it. The timer is necessary I’d hate to win by default


I agree with you. But there are easy fixes.

  1. Make it so decoy doesn’t delay the timer
  2. Reduce the timer pause time after combat so that you cannot spam one ability to draw out the timer.

To be honest, no other monster can draw out the timer like this. It’s only ONE monster with this one ability that can. Option 1 is really the easiest fix without impacting the other monsters.


Yeah, that blows. I think the answer is to speed up the time for the pause to resume. Decoy is a legitimate combat strategy, albeit overused and spammed a lot. The clock should pause as soon as the monster deals damage. If the decoy lands a hit, then pause. If the hunters are damaging the monster, there should be no pause.

That means the monster needs to get in and land more and more attacks for the timer to remain paused.


Yea I thought of option one after i sent message seems like it would be an easy fix assuming they do anything. Hope the best.


Both of these things should happen


Wraiths have been doing it for awhile, it can be pretty annoying.


I think if decoy is the thing being shot, the timer shouldn’t stop


I honestly think they wrongly adjusted Wraith. She’s not that hard to beat anymore but it’s still as annoying and unfun as ever. The Decoy seems to be even better now and she didn’t lose that much Traversal ability. Imo. I would’ve either cut the strength of Decoy in half or decrease it’s duration. The Teleport Explosion is fine now. I think 20-25% cool down nerf on Super Nova and maybe 5-10% Damage nerf would’ve been better than 50% Cooldown too.


The monster already needs to hurry up enough as it is. Making it even harder to finish off that relay will only encourage more chaos and panicking. I hope I don’t need to explain what panic does to people.


I honestly believe you didn’t watch the video. … Watch it, then tell me that clown was rushed for time. …


I had 36 minute game with the same wraith, lol. We didn’t eve try to catch him, we camped relay since 3rd minute.


As cheap as he was, you had 18 minutes to reposition and force him properly out of position to possibly get a dome up or even wear down his timer. Noticed how the timer doesn’t start until you shoot the Decoy? Just put away the Turrets next time (put them up in a bulk somewhere else to despawn the old ones) as well as the Mines, don’t shoot the decoy, simply dodge it and the timer runs out in about 5 decoy cds.


You’re right Roy. It is cheap. It’s not fun. It’s not playing the game. And what you suggest is suicide, not strategy. Our team was not good enough to catch him in the open.

This wasn’t the wraith playing the game. It was abusing clock mechanics.


I have faced a similar Wraith, the game took 40 minutes in total. He/she literally tried to bore us to throw the match, and sadly that’s what happened(damn pugs). But, I wouldn’t want a change to the decoy however.


So what you are saying is that you are ok with wasting over a half hour of every match played against wraith players. …


No but, the timer stops when the Monster or Hunter attack each other. There could be so many unfair wins for hunters and lost time for a decoy Wraith if the timer continued when decoy is active, and the later would be quite common, and of course the lost time with decoy would add up eventually. I’m just not sure if removing that would properly solve it without creating other errors.

I mean, that kind of lameness has happened to me once in 130h game time…


Oh, I saw parts of it. I’m not saying the decoy should count as a means to stop the timer. I’m saying it’s insane to not have hunter damage on the monster count as a means to pause the timer.