Closest win ever


Enemy Goliath is stage 3. Whenever he runs out of armour, he runs away to eat. 52 seconds left. Our medic is dead and the rest of us have at least one strike and the monster has 3 bars of health.
And a full armour bar.
Through my blitz markov’s attacks and Hank’s orbitals, he loses his armour but the rest of my team is dead. I get onto a small rock platform and he pounces me. He failed to notice the fully powered tesla mines. Instantly kills him. Won the match. Sadly, there was no rage in chat but that was fucking awesome.


the closest win was madmax´s daisy killed a monster with her flamethrower while all others were dead.


I like my kraken and wraith clutch wins.


I had a closer game. Goliath knocked me down to my last sliver of health, and I managed to sneak a headshot under his arm as he wound up for a rock throw. If he used a normal melee, he would have won the game. I would put up the video, but I didn’t know how to save clips without a Kinect at the time (I do now).


For me it’s gotta be when I was playing Quick Play as Goliath and I got stuck in collision. The Hunters were all already at 25% health.

Typical noobs, the Hunters started to take advantage of it and all quickly came standing around me shooting at my head.
Then I let the bot took over.
Then I took over the bot, no longer being stuck.

Fucking blew all those pricks away with the same Leap Smash and then proceeded to instantly incapacitate Lazarus with a mid-air Rock Throw hit.
Then the rest of them died pretty quickly afterwards as well.


Mine had to have been the game in the Shear Violence Tourny. You have to see it.


Have to say, my closest win was on Wraith Trap, whilst playing Gorgon for the third time.

I’d been trading hits back and forth for most of the game, but as I was about to disengage due to a lack of armor, I noticed the timer. I had two seconds or I was going to lose. So, I turned around hard and went back into the melee.

Over the course of the next five minutes, I’d massed five strikes, then managed to take out the trapper, the medic, just downed the assault and Daisy, and turned my eye to the support, Cabot. He juked me a little, but I ended up right in front of him as he went cloak and scuttled back when the web whip melee came out of the rotation, snapped out, and downed him. My health was essentially non-existent, a literal sliver of red out of my entire Stage 3 health, with two seconds on the timer.

The announcement of “Monster Wins!” had me about ready to cry in joy, I put down my controller, looked at my hands, and laughed at how bad they were shaking.



One from the Hunter side.

So, playing with my team and we’re having a relatively successful evening, we’ve won more games than we’ve lost, so we’re in pretty good spirits. Anywho, we come across this Goliath player, and for the majority of the game we’re on him, chipping away at him whilst he’s playing well enough to mitigate the damage he’s taking fairly well. He’s most definitely not the best we’ve played against, but he’s good enough to know how to mitigate the threat I pose as Cabot.

Anywho, he gets to stage 3, and as we have been the entire game, we’re on him, pestering him and not letting him armour up. Suddenly, however, something turns and he rushes our Trapper and incaps him, and then manages to catch our Medic (Laz) by making us think he’s going to take the opportunity to run to armour up.

So, it’s just me and the Assault left, and we’re struggling to hold it together at this point. I already see where things are going and cloak up, causing the monster to beeline our Assault when I hear.

"No, Nash. Don’t run, I’ve put a mine out, get the Amp on him!"
I do so and manage to Amp up two mines before our Assault goes down. It’s all-or-nothing at this point, and I’ve already switched back to the Rail Cannon.

I fire

The animation for Leap Smash starts up.

Hunters Win.
Hunters killed the monster.

There was much celebrating over party chat, and I felt like a hero!


Closest win I’ve ever had.


That was INSANE! Wauw, both those games had me hanging on my seat wondering how you were going to pull it off, and you did. Wauw. Congrats, those were really nice games.


That was almost what happened with me, except I was BARELY lower health, playing as Hank, and he was trying to rock throw. A similar situation to my clip shall live on!


Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to have a lot of close games like this.


LMFAO! AWESOME! Omg. That triple rock kill(?) and then that kill. GG lol.


My brain was extremely confused, this game. Probably one of the closest games I’ve had atleast >_>
(Footage from @mizx’s perspective :P)


Here’s my clutch win playing as Wraith:


I had my closest match yesterday when i played as behemoth( i lost )
I got domed twice at Stage 1, and lost almost all health and was thinking about quitting…but then kept going.
I managed to briefly get some distance between me and hunters and evolved to stage 2. Hunters caught me while i was evolving and kept doing tons of damage. Had no armour and … got domed again. Luckily i was near a tunnel, so i rolled into it and hunters came after me. That was a mistake since i took out 3 of them…maybe even 4( with daisy staying alive - i noticed her later but it was too late ).

Then, i had no lives at all, just over 1 bar of hp. I quickly tried to gain some armour and got my evolve meter to full.
Finished evolving and … caught the hunters in the tunnel for the second time. Walled them in and took out 3. Emet got a way and hid a beacon somewhere. I couldnt find it in time, so they spawned again.

After that, i killed all hunters 2 times over, and they always managed to spawn just in time. ( they were pretty good at spreading and running away )

Finally, i had killed all hunters except one, and i was going at him with half a bar of health…and …damn, moments before i could get a pounce, i got killed.

The round lasted around 35min :slightly_smiling:

The closest Win i have had, was with a wraith, and that … actually wasnt a win, because right after killing the last hunter, the flame damage killed me too :slightly_smiling:, so i saw the wraith collapse when win text came up.


Close games are always fun :slight_smile: One of the most recent ones I’ve had:


This was a close game I had with Behemoth vs a Laz Bucket group. Game doesn’t end the way you might think it does.

  • “monster sucks”, then 3 hunters bunching up together and all 3 getting incapped at the same time like true Bronze Skilled guys… oh the irony facepalm