Closest game ever maybe?


Thought I won this until I watched the reply haha, also I didn’t notice Maggie at the end til the third time I watched this, which would explain why I didn’t get the win as well.

So close!!


page not found.


Works for me, not sure how to fix it then…


A game on a dev livestream ended in a draw.
Nothing can be closer
Edit: Can’t see the page either


I had an extremely close game last night. I’m trying to get a clip of it uploaded


Pretty sure the closest type of game is a draw, which I finally experienced a couple nights ago. I wonder, did we both get a win and loss, or nothing at all?


Most likely nothing at all.
No one won or lost.


I got a draw in Beta, and 1 since launch. They are hard to get. Nice they got one in live stream.