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I think that what matters most on feedback is context, and so while I’m sure the devs will take in to account a mass response about something, in general they will prefer to listen to people that they either already trust, or can watch play so that they can see what that player is like with regards to what they are feeding back on.

Your opinion matters, but devs need to act on what they can verify more than anything else


I believe this is false, TRS actually listens to the community. Granted they can’t listen to each and every individual, but they don’t value one pro gamer’s opinion over anybody else’s.


This is not true! We’re everywhere. We listen to everyone. Even though we can’t respond to everything–we damn near read every everything you send our way!

We :heart: everyone! :monster:


This really isnt true.

Many, MANY changes have been made in evolve purely because the general player base didnt like something that was in it.


cough cough spore cloud cough cough


But, the Devs are always interacting and listening to the community. The latest AMA thread is a perfect example of that.


So that is what the second click sound in my phone calls is all about.

Trs = those rascal spies


Spore cloud.

Buckets UAV.

Wraiths invisibility.

Lazs revive mechanics

Hydes nade slowing players down.

Jacks sat damage and how his repulsors worked

Hunters like caira slowing down while firing nades, which was removed because players just jumped during each shot to avoid the slow down

Jacks pistols being made full-auto instead of clickclickclickclickclickclick.

We as a community have gotten many, MANY community based requests in the game.

Its actually down right AMAZING how much influence the community as a whole has had on evolve. I have NEVER seen a game so heavily influenced by us.




Forgot Slims auto on his healburst :slight_smile:


Everyone wanted Slim nerfed…he didn’t get nerfed. That should tell you everything.

They have their owns minds that does not coincide with the community at large.

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The devs take account of everyone’s opinion. True mine probably sways them the most due to all the cat paraphernalia I send them but bribery is how the world works so tough shit.

If I was living off the money I’ve made from Evolve I would be living a worse life than a street rat.
That is on fire.
And lives on Tashirojima island.


It really doesn’t. At all.

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People confuse “we agree that slim is a bit strong” with “we absolutely have balance changes we will push out within a week”

That people even expect trs to turn around balanced slim tweaks amongst everything else in short time scales is only a testament to how quick they have been on community feedback


That’s odd, because they said in their AMA that they did indeed feel that slim still was a bit too strong.

Just because the balance change for him hasn’t come out this week, doesn’t mean it might not come in one of the upcoming updates. Perhaps they are trying to find a good balancing point still for him and needed more time.


They don’t care about our opinions OP and anytime someone brings up a suggestion a hand few are up in arms

Another thing to remember is devs have limited time, and there are some members in the forum that have an attitude and presentation about their feedback which makes the devs less likely to engage with those people. Again, this doesn’t mean they don’t listen, it just means they don’t get in to discussions with negative members of the community if they don’t have to.


"Oh no! TRS didn’t listen to my unpopular suggestions in particular, unlike all of these ones…

…clearly they are only taking into account the streamer/competitive players opinions! Fuck you TRS!"

Yeah, you need to go somewhere else with that attitude, because that shit don’t fly here.

Edit: Also, @garratose, since you appear to be the only other person who feels this way, please explain to us what you mean, preferably with some actual evidence. Thanks!


Exactly. Balancing the game has never been a high priority for them, its more about rolling out new features.

How did you reach that conclusion?