Closed Poll: Xbox Exclusives


Hi guys
I want to make a small petition bacause of these xbox exclusives.
Lately i am getting angry about this-Why?
For example, i want to try Evacuation mode too.
Why can’t i give it a try? Because i dont own xbox…
So please vote here and write your opinions of what you think is a good thing.

  • No more exclusives!
  • Yes please more xbox!
  • I dont care


Microsoft has money unfortunadely, and money moves the world.
And im also angry about evacuation mode not being available to us, its such a big blow.


Ye i am so angry
Ty for the vote bro


Np, not that our opinion might make any difference at this time, its quite close to the game release.


Ye but i still want to stop these dlc exclusives


I’m fine with more Xbox exclusive stuff.


Btw i am the player
I support the game
I want to make it the best
But i am really angry about this
It is ok if they get one day more of beta but it isn´t ok that only they get evacuation…


Not sure why anyone would vote they WANT exclusives.

I’m a PC gamer; only a PC, no console. But if a developer offered us “PC Exclusive content”, I’d be just as upset that they are segregating out XB and PS owners. Segregation causes nothing positive, and it is but for the greed of money that it exists. As it stands, PC gets, by far, the least amount of exclusives, which is often why you hear PC gamers use the “second class citizen” argument.

In reality, I can’t imagine anyone liking being singled out and given less than someone else based on any aspect.


Aaaand ninja’d just as I was about to post something pretty similar.

Good job.


And the issue gets worst when the ‘‘exclusive content’’, even if temporary is something big, the open big alpha and open beta is one thing, but evacuation mode, and character saving ?

Hell, at least let PS4 play evacuation, they suffered enough from last time.


Ye char saving made me go like: WTF
No saving for PC and for xbox yes ?
This is just too much


I’ll be interested in seeing how far I can get in the 4 days of Beta. I will have just about all that time off to play it constantly. Barring some issue that keeps me from playing, if I can unlock T2 or T3 in that time, then I’ll know that people getting “early access” to T2/T3 content really isn’t THAT big a deal (even though, yes, it’s more entitlement-tossing that I don’t approve of; retailers want us attacking one another to do business with them than anyone else.)

As it stands, Evolve looks like it could easily give 500-1000 hours of play. I’m fine with working towards my unlocks (even if I have to do it again when the game is released) But hey, that’s just me.


I just want to make devs see what they are doin with the game…


Its not their fault, really, you can’t blame them for this.


If this means more people, (perhaps on a console who wouldn’t buy it unless they get pampered with exclusives) buy this game and give it a longer lifespan , then I am all for whatever 2K and TRS want to do.



For me, in the grand scheme of things, I’m appreciative to have access to both the Alpha and Beta to the point where I can easily forgive the fact that our progress is not saved (or that other retailer-based purchases will come with early-unlocked content).

To me, earlier access, does not mean they are instantly skilled in maximizing that character/monster. It will take time; more than enough time for me to have gotten the same unlocks and a good amount of experience myself to be just as potent a threat.


ye your right but it is too ridiculous what is happening here.
First exclusive day than mode than char saving


I just want evacuation to be honest, its the only true reason im complaining.


I hope there is someone who really shares my opinions


we can still figt for evac or some content for pc
We dont need to give it all to xbox