Closed Poll: Who's your favorite moderator?

  • SlinkyGuy ------- aka that bucket-loving guy
  • Brandini --------- aka spambot 2.6
  • Alex_Versnel ---- aka the guide guy maker dude man thing
  • Plaff -------------- aka the creepy face guy that moves everyone’s posts everywhere
  • Sledgepainter---- aka the only female in our universe, and also the artistic mod
  • Takran ------------ aka the guy I have nothing clever for
  • I am a moderator and I saw this and hope I win!

Simply vote for the person you love best and maybe give 'em all a little appreciation below too! They’ve all worked pretty hard for us so show 'em a little love! Just a little though… not too much love… Also if I somehow missed a moderator… I’m very sorry and please don’t ban me!!


Not voting – these guys (and gal(s)?) all work their butts off around here. :grimacing:


But they are all equally amazing


They’re all equally awesome. TRS have done a really good job choosing their moderators. :smile:


True… I should’ve put that as an option… oh well XD what’s done is done. I was just curious which moderator people knew/liked the most. They are all indeed great and help the community a ton, I just picked Slinky because he buckets, and he buckets hard.


I vote for all!

Although this is probably not the best way to show the mod’s how much they are appreciated.


I second that ^ I VOTE FOR ALL!


Looks like you got all of us. And how am I Spambot 2.6? You sir are now banned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guess we have to change the nickname from Spambot 2.6 to Banbot 3.2


I’ll vote for whoever gets me a press release copy so I don’t have to play BF Hardline.


I changed my vote to you… no bans, man… no bans.


Bribery! Perma ban for you lol


All of them!


Yeah I tried to edit and add an “all of them” option but it kept saying I’d have to contact a moderator! I dunno where I could find one of those though :confused:


All the mods are awesome but I’m gonna have to vote for @SlinkyGuy. Gotta represent for Bucket and for the first guy I properly talked to on the forums.


Hey guys!

We moderators all agreed that, while we appreciate the thread, we do feel that if you DO have indeed a favourite then it’s best to keep it to yourself. Otherwise we’re all our favourites here, including YOU guys, the members! We just decided that favouritism shouldn’t belong here, it doesn’t look good for us and other members here. All in all, you guys are all fantastic and do a great job of keeping the peace yourselves! :smile:


Fine by me XD I was thinking the same actually after I made it, oopsie. You can shut it down.


Just going to agree with everything @SlinkyGuy said. We’re all fans of each other and judging by the earlier posts most would prefer not to choose between us but choose us all at once! We love you guys, and we feel your love back at us all the time. :smile:


Exactly what Sledge and Slink said. We appreciate the love btw :smile:


Just gonna echo what @SlinkyGuy, @SledgePainter and @Brandini said. The thought is appreciated, but we’d prefer it if favourites were kept private.