Closed Poll: What's your role?


After watching today’s interactive trailer…

Which role do you think you’ll gravitate toward the most when the game ships?

  • Assault
  • Support
  • Medic
  • Trapper
  • Goliath

Should We Have A Poll Option On This Forum?

all of them to keep the experience fresh


i would say Goliath since your on your own


em idk to be honest, because those characters are not the only one in the game unless i have to unlock the other characters :stuck_out_tongue:
Then i will say… the one that is avaiable in the class selection screen :smiley:


At the moment, I’m attracted to the monster :smiley: What I would love about playing as Goliath (or whatever other awesome beast) is the feeling of being outnumbered, the ability to mix stealth and brute strength, struggling to evolve to the next stage…it’s going to be so fun to learn the monsters and become good/smart enough to be able to take on any team of hunters!

When playing as a hunter, right now I would have to say the Trapper is a cool and unique character. Plus, how can you possibly resist the 'stache???


Trapper all the way for me! I love the idea of using the Mobile Arena and sound spikes, very tactical!

Except there are still no emotes for the other classes besides :markov:!

I am disappointed! :disappointed:


Goliath i wanna kill and devour!!!


I voted Goliath as it’s the “asymmetrical” class of Evolve, just like I prefer playing Infected in L4D or Aliens in NS2.

However for the hunters it’s a tossup between medic and trapper. Medic is usually what I play in shooters like Battlefield but the trapper is extremely unique looking and I love how his entire skillset does a great job of giving off that “hunting” vibe.


I picked monster but I like trapper/assault though who knows if my opinion will change or not when I play!


Definitely; after seeing/playing with the other characters, loadouts, and monsters, we could all see things differently!


Pretty much anything with a sniper rifle. Preferably Goliath with a sniper rifle, but I’ll settle with Medic for now.