Closed Poll: What you wanna have this friday?


Here you can chose what you want to have in Friday’s stream
It is small petition so feel free to vote

  • Evacuation mode
  • More Nest mode
  • Defend mode
  • Rescue mode


I voted Evacuation mode, since that’s all of them combined :slight_smile:


Yeah, the obvious choice! :wink:


No 3rd monster choice? Sad Panda! (I know that DamJess said no, but I can still hope/dream)


Seeing an evacuation would be so sweet! I vote that for sure.


I voted for Evacuation too :stuck_out_tongue:
New mode is always good


Originally I thought of Rescue then decided “Why not try asking for all the modes at once?”


Only 1 valid answer :wink:


Sometime before the game releases and before beta, I want to see a full set of Evacuation mode with all of the game unlocked, all hunters, monster, maps, perks, etc. It would just be so awesome. It should be pre recorded, to ensure that it shows off everything very well and there arent lame games, so maybe they will have to run through a few until they get a perfect set :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would for the other gamemodes? Evac all the way!


Actually, I’d like each new Friday to unveil a mode…culminating with an entire livestream devoted to an Evac scenario. Don’t get me wrong, I want it all too, but I don’t want a snippet of each. I voted nest because up until yesterday that was what I was geared up the most for that we hadn’t seen via Livestream…now we’ve become happily bombarded but I’d rather have a full meal on one at a time instead of snacking. Snacking never makes for a full belly! Then do the 3rd monster reveal…and THEN do an entire Livestream devoted to Evac. with everything totally unlocked and able for us to see with all monsters and hunters and available maps. Just my 2 cents.


Am i the only that does not want to see any gameplay of it untill release?


pretty much yeah :wink:



There’s no ‘spoilers’, as such, we already know the mechanics, it’s just fun to see it being played =)


Yea but you’ll have nothing new except playing the game and maybe unlocking emblems :slight_smile:


That’s fine by me, that’s what I’m looking forward to doing!

Plus, there’s always the DLC for surprises in future =P


+1 for Wraith gameplay


I would also like an option of “Big Alpha 2.0” :smiley:



good call, glad your post was first.

Was about to ask where the hell my “ALL OF IT! DAMNIT!!” option was at.