Closed Poll: Round one final results


What type of monster would you like to see?
The results are in and the winner of round 1 is frost! I’ll be honest I did not expect so many to pick frost and was interesting to see. Thanks to all who participated and voted (around 90!) if you have the time vote in my next poll round 2 with these.
2.Gravity (my personal favorite)

  • Acid
  • Frost
  • Gravity
  • Magma
  • Poison
  • Sand
  • Metal
  • Dust
  • Blood
  • Crystal
  • Explosion
  • Steam
  • Plasma
  • Mud
  • Vacuum
  • Bone
  • wood
  • Shadow
  • Dark
  • Plant
  • Light
  • Water


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Don’t care, just want a grotesque terrifying one that you never want to get surprised by.


I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a digging monster. Perhaps something that has the ability to dig through walls for its escape move?


Tried that idea and it got shot down -_- it was a mole/digger monster


Wow too many to choose from, I’m stunned.


I can understand that. Its probably difficult to balance


Out of these i choose water. However i want a dragon… it can use whatever elements it wants but i really would love some dragon type beast


Frost, since that sounds like it’d be neat, slowing hunters/encasing them in ice, aoe blizzard etc. Could slide on ice patches as a traversal or something hehe.


they should introduce Teemo.
then wraith will be fun to hunt.


I really want a Spider like creature, preferably one that was poisonous and could create webs to trap the Hunters. Maybe even give it the ability to scale all surfaces as its traversal.


I’m confused as to why I am the only one who voted for explosion… :frowning:


Yami Yami no Mi gogoogog! Also why no rubber monster?!


I voted sand.
Velvet worm will return!





Cause it wouldn’t fit haha same with glass and paper monster lol


Mr. Torgue already has a job :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to see a monster that is very big but is hard to see. I want him to be able to camouflage into the environment and sneak up on hunters even though he is very big.


This is what I hear the most on the forums: spider-creature. This is my wish also, some kind of anthropomorphic spider, like Wraith’s big brother, with some kind of a web/grapple traversal. This is the closest to what I see in my head, courtesy of someone from DeviantArt & Google search, but not exactly:


That thing is both horrifying and insane looking…

I love it! I demand this be put into the game or Im gonna send 200 boxes of old gym shoes to TRS.