Closed Poll: Rock Turtle Monster Traversal

  • Rolling
  • Levitation
  • Digging

Please see below for details on these movement abilities

Several of the forum members have been hard at work here Get inVOLVED Help Create a Future Monster! trying to create an Homage monster based on the TRS logo…a Rock Turtle monster, if you will, to submit to TRS in the future. This is yet another of several polls you may see on this topic down the line. So far, we have determined that our turtle monster will be a quadruped that moves on 4 legs predominantly, and have the theme of magnetism, with an ability focus on battlefield manipulation. It will use standard monster melee attacks which will be a mix of head bite, arm swing, & ramming while keeping to all fours.

For this vote, we are going to choose how the monster will use its traversal skill to put more distance between it and the hunters. This will work in much the same manner as Goliath’s leap, Kraken’s air burst, or Wraith’s warping. The traversal ability does not damage hunters or prey and is used mainly for escaping purposes.

ROLLING: The beast would tuck into itself, though not necessarily into its shell, and do a fast burst of speed in a rolling fashion. Think Droidekas from Star Wars (see below sample vid.).

LEVITATION: Using it’s thematic magnetism skills, it can hover off the ground for short speed bursts. Possibly the animation would include parts or all of it going into its shell briefly, or the whole beast itself in a hovering state…but magnetism would be the force behind this traversal ability.

DIGGING: This would be a move wherein the monster does not physically travel underground (in the map), but appear to do so. It would essentially teleport to a location in front of it a ways much like Wraith blinking away in a warp. The turtle would show a quick animation of digging, then suddenly have an appearing animation at the other end.

Please also note that whatever traversal skills are not chosen can later be incorporated into an attack ability, or work as part of an attack ability, so pick the traversal you think is best for escape.

Voting will end around midnight on next Monday (19th) night, give or take. CST US. This will run during the Beta and a little bit afterward.

Example of Droidekas:


I think rolling is the best way to go.
Less technical issues than digging and levitation Is what Kraken does a lot better


Rolling, just so I can have this playing in my head


Turtle - rolling? OFC… Maybe LoL idea but anyway… who cares? I wanna see turtle rock rolling!


I think the video from Lost Planet that @DRevD posted was the best one
Lost Planet - Introduction - Opening Cutscene | WikiGameGuides
Do you think you could post that? Also I assume that the rolling would be able to climb?


Fuck this guy lol.


How about instead of rolling he spins? Since it’s a turtle and all.


Here it is


It has to be rolling, wraith levitates, digging/ burrowing has been scrapped to my knowledge and it would only make sense for a rock looking monster.


if hes gonna be magnetized levitation would be the way to go


Here is one way to do rolling
Press spacebar to initiate rolling. The roll starts at the monsters normal movement speed. Going down hill can increase the speed up to a max (lets say 2x for example). Going uphill slows down the monster to a minimum (say 1x, it will never go slower than its normal movement speed). Performing a basic attack or ability at anytime during the roll cancels it.

Pressing spacebar again while rolling initiates a boost of speed for 1 or 2 seconds that consumes stamina. The monster will roll faster and have some sort of magnetic visual effect surrounding it. The speed can increase up to 3x (example) during the boost (even uphill) and then over time slowdown back to 1x (or 2x if going downhill).

During the boost it will also ‘magnetically’ latch on to any climbable walls and is able roll up the wall similar to Samus form the metroid games.


I like the idea of it magnetically latching on to vertical surfaces. Perhaps you could use hit the climb button to do this to avoid accidentally climbing when you don’t want to. Also it could use magnetism like a magna rail so it could move at full speed from the start.


Closing this poll due to behemoth’s reveal and his traversal being just what you guys wanted here thus far in the vote - Rolling! We will return to this traversal topic again soon.