Closed Poll: Rock Turtle Monster Melee

  • Extra set of dedicated limbs (style would need to be determined later)
  • Rears onto hind legs to strike using arms (*see below for more info.)
  • Thematic attack (uses magnetism & rocks while not getting its hand dirty)
  • Assorted quad. attacks (a mix of head bite, arm swing, & ramming while keeping to all fours)
  • Tail Strike (can be used as a whip or a mace if equipped with spikes/club…to be determined later)

Several of the forum members have been hard at work here Get inVOLVED Help Create a Future Monster! trying to create an Homage monster based on the TRS logo…a Rock Turtle monster, if you will, to submit to TRS in the future. This is yet another of several polls you may see on this topic down the line. So far, we have determined that our turtle monster will be a quadruped that moves on 4 legs predominantly, and have the theme of magnetism, with an ability focus on battlefield manipulation.

For this vote, we are going to choose how the monster will use basic attacks to hunt down prey or use basic strikes while engaged in battle.

Option #2 Issues:
*Please note that we are unsure if Kraken was given its tentacle limbs due to a problem facing its ability to both walk and attack at the same time. Cast your vote using what method you would like to see used the most from the list without that altering your decision. Secondarily, if you have voted for Option 2, please add in the comments your second choice. The issues with Option 2 may be that the turtle becomes immobile while attacking in an upright position if a few step animations cannot also accompany it. If it does require immobility, perhaps we can make up for this in the wideness of its attack, or utilize the tail, etc. If this is later determined not to be a viable option we would go with your second voted choice.

Vote will end around midnight Friday, give or take. CST US


I was the one who came up with the floating rocks for attacks idea, so I have to vote for it.
Who’s with me!?


Tail strike should be an attack for knocking back the hunters


I’ve picked the Hind leg rear option; My second choice would be Assorted Quad Attacks.


gah idk what to vote for lol. if we go with the rocks. then hes like a tank mage. meaning his moves will revolve around the fact that he can manipulate rocks right? thats not a bad thing unless we want different moves and/or different direction for our monsters fighting style


I guess, really, the one that would be both most monstrous and most practical would be the extra set of limbs. I believe that the basic attack should be that, a basic attack, not a fancy magical thingy. The extra limbs just make that a lot more plausible for what is the default monster strike, a swing in a forwardly direction.


This is gonna be a tough decision guys. I am eager to see what comes of it…and we may even need a second vote between top two if it gets really close.


yeah same here. the hard part with rocks is range. if his melee attacks are rocks. how much range will he have over limbs of the other monsters? it sounds like an awesome ability tho. im gonna vote for assorted quad. ramming sounds cool visually as a knockdown. we have the wraith and the kraken with the extra limbs. time to branch the other way with the 4rth monster and goliath.


Remember h=this monster is a turtle, it is a tank, it has magnetic powers, and it will be able to control the battlefield.


Wraith does have WEIRD limbs, but I was under the impression it was primarily using it’s main blade arms for fighting, not some secondary limbs.


First vote for No.4, second for No.3. And I wanna see tail as one of his ability. Something like mega tail attack with similar damage to a rockthrow or lightning strike. Skillshot with a lot of damage. :slight_smile:


Magnets, HOW DO THEY WORK?!?


With Magic.


she uses the inner arms for the abduct ability. other than that supernova seems to be the only time she uses all 4. it looks like they are mostly for balancing purposes as she flys and dashes about. sort of how our turtle would use it mostly for traversing. I dont think we shud make all evolutions of goliath the same. extra limbs and magical powers.


I would go with a monster that moves most of the time on all fours with no extra limbs, but can go bipedal when needed to perform basic attacks.


I chose the assorted squad but I would love to see the tail strike as well


Magnetism sounds awesome! I would love to see more attacks involving long-range abilities and things to throw off the Hunters.


Having modem trouble for my internet service; may be down until Thursday or intermittent, just FYI.


I voted for rocks/magnetism, though as an additional note there’s little to say it can’t just launch rock spikes from its shell as part of its melee attacks either. As a side bonus, if its ‘melee’ is short range rock spike projectiles, that gives it SOME anti-air for when hunters leap over it without relying on skills - similar to Goliath jump/melee and Kraken melee projectiles.


In my opinion I think the last two should be together.