Closed Poll: New Monster Competition!

  • Hydra
  • Arachne
  • Basilisk
  • Pandora
  • Nemean

This is a list compiled from my Monster ideas thread. These are, in my opinion, the most unique and viable submissions. (That post never got much love so a few of these are my own ^_-
I may consider casting a re-vote if I get a bunch of cool new ideas!

:monster: :monster: :monster:

Hydra - Link - @KingWut117
Arachne - Link - Also me
Basilisk - Link - Yep, still me!
Pandora - So I don’t look like a poll hog - @Galgus (It actually is pretty cool)
Nemean - Link - Sorry! Me again!

MEDIC :medic:
ASSAULT :assault:
SUPPORT :support:
TRAPPER :trapper:

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Closed Poll: New Medic Competition!

I’m voting for the spider solely because i would like to play as a Spider-Monster.


I prefer an arachnid-reptile hybrid of sorts.


Yes. I’m sure if TRS were to make Arachne, she would barely resemble an actual arachnid. Sort of like how Goliath MIGHT be a kind of ape-lizard thing but really he is just his own deal?

Something like that


Bump! Let’s give these guys some love! Don’t be afraid to debate in this thread why you think a character should win, or not win!

I want at least a good 50+ votes before I send anything to TRS… Wanna make a big impression right?

I may have a ‘finals’ round where the top 2 characters are re-cast… Maybe not. I also want to let the finalists have a few days to embellish some ideas (If you have any feedback for the character, be sure to tag the creator!) :monster:


Only pandora’s link works


Odd, they all work for me. (I could’ve sworn I fixed Hydra, gimme a sec…)


hay they work now Thanks


An hydra spider!

6 legs!

6 heads!


Lol! I was the first to vote for Nemean!


You seem to be very interested in the stealthy monsters, but also think about the hunters - how much whine there is about the semi-sneaky wraith that exists already. Voted for Arachne, since he offers unique gameplay without being excessively boring for hunters to hunt.
Hydra already kind of exists in a form of Behemoth - large, melee attack centered monster.


Ugh i want all those monster D:


What about a monster involving parasites? Would be a pretty trippy idea


If you come up with an idea, go ahead and make one on the idea thread!

The problem I found with a parasitic monster is that it would be weak but unkillable. He would infest some piece of wildlife, but what could a single reaver do against the hunters?

Once all the big predators are gone (those don’t respawn if I’m thinking correctly) the parasite is screwed.

A monster that could take over the wildlife to fight for them would be relying solely on the AI to defeat the hunters… no bueno.


On a topic like 2 months ago they were already talking about the new monster after behemoth is gonna involve parasites hope it’s not too op but fun


Let’s have everyone debate more here, Why do u think one monster should win over the others?


Nemean - Crixalis, is that you?
Arachne - Broodmother?
Those two look so DOTA.


I say they should make a cerberus like monster. I would just love to see what their creative minds come up with when trying to implement a three headed monster kind of concept. if they do, someone plz tell me cuz im not oftenly up to date with evolve news.


Attention! I will be closing this poll NEXT WEDNESDAY and selecting a winner! In the event that 2 options are tied and far ahead of the others, I may set up another poll to establish a winner!

Have at it! If you want to have your choice win, debate it here! Nicely please!


Sorry Guys! I have been busy a while…

It appears as if the win is very close between Hydra and Arachne! I will open a new poll to decide between the two! New poll incoming…