Closed Poll: New Medic Competition!

  • Victoria
  • Raleigh
  • Dr. Ramsey
  • Rook
  • Cassie

These are ideas pulled from my Hunter ideas post. I chose the ones that were the most unique, and viable options (probably :stuck_out_tongue: )

:medic: :medic: :medic:

Victoria - Link - @TheDumbassGamer
Raleigh - Link - @SimplySloth
Dr. Ramsay - Link - @KingWut117
Rook - Link - @DarkMesa
Cassie - Link - @WaRSPiRiTUK

SUPPORT :support:
ASSAULT :assault:
TRAPPER :trapper:
MONSTER :monster:

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Closed Poll: New Assault Competition!

Damn I had a medic concept awhile back. I would of submitted mine.


A poll! Nice idea. Really excited to see some opinions on the more concrete medic ideas outside of the main topic.


I’ve got 3 more for the other classes, and a Monster one coming up!


I like Cassie the most, but my biggest problem with her is the blink ability (she could teleport out of the dome). Perhaps if it were a throwable grenade that teleports on impact. That way, the mechanics basically remain the same while still not being able to warp out of a dome.


I am torn between Dr. Ramsay and Rook myself :slight_smile:


Honestly it would probably act in a similar fashion to other Hunter Abilities which cannot be used when near the dome wall and cannot ever pass through the dome. Definitely wouldn’t be fair if she could jump out the dome.

And thanks OP for including my concept! :slight_smile:


Bump! Let’s give these guys some love! Don’t be afraid to debate in this thread why you think a character should win, or not win!

I want at least a good 50+ votes before I send anything to TRS… Wanna make a big impression right?

I may have a ‘finals’ round where the top 2 characters are re-cast… Maybe not. I also want to let the finalists have a few days to embellish some ideas (If you have any feedback for the character, be sure to tag the creator!)



Dr. Ramsay would be the most fun hunter ever!


Attention! I will be closing this poll NEXT WEDNESDAY and selecting a winner! In the event that 2 options are tied and far ahead of the others, I may set up another poll to establish a winner!!

Have at it! If you want to have your choice win, debate it here! Nicely please!


So were these concepts actually submitted, or were there not enough people voting?


I am back everyone! Sorry to keep you waiting!

It appears that the landslide winner is Cassie! Congratulations @WaRSPiRiTUK!

Thanks to everyone for your input!


Woop woop. :smiley: