Closed Poll: New Assault Competition!

  • Maximus
  • Sentry
  • Alan Goodwill
  • Quake
  • Ava

I have compiiled these 5 ideas from my Hunter thread. (Yes I know two of these hunters are mine, that happens when bias is involved! =D)
More polls incoming for the other classes.
The winner will go into an official/formal request/idea message for TRS!
Leave your opinions and discussion about the hunters here!
I wanted to choose the hunter’s that felt the most unique, and the most viable (relatively)


Maximus - Link - @KingWut117
Sentry - Link - @KingWut117
Alan Goodwill - Link - @Seanical
Quake - Link - @TheDumbassGamer
Ava - Link - @Galgus

MEDIC :medic:
TRAPPER :trapper:
SUPPORT :support:
MONSTER :monster:

I’m happy that one of my ideas is unique and viable…now if you’ll excuse me,pepperidge farm owes me money.

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I know right? Feels good man.


i like both Sentry and Ava,


Quake feels so unloved.

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Yeah, and Alan isn’t too popular either :pensive:
Still, voting is still early. Lots of time for lovin’!

On another note, did @KingWut117 release the medic poll?

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Not yet,but he should make a monster poll to,seeing as those are the only two left.

Gotcha. Not sure how successful the monster monster one would be, as that’s a bit more complex (see Help Create a Monster post), but still, mind as well put it out there.

I would vote for my own amazing ideas but there appears to be an oversight. The Support kit I posted was very viable, but the character was just a write-up & now too much like Sunny. I posted my best Assault ideas today, and finally wrote up a Trapper character (he was experimented on, unlocking psychic potential with brain implants) but haven’t posted it yet.

I like Ava and Sentry the most, Ava sounds perfect, but I think Sentry would be a bland character if that was his personality, why not a blood crazed psycho robot that often mentions how weird it is that he even has a bloodlust? Or maybe the awesome military personality that Mr. Gutsy robots have from Fallout?

Alan on the other hand seems way too out of line with the game’s universe and the assault class in general IMO, hardly any armor and a tommy gun as an assault? That’d be like bacon and eggs for the monsters.

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Sorry mate, just don’t like it :neutral_face:

That’s perfectly fine. I’m actually glad, seeing that it isn’t that popular. Now I know why (or at least part of the reason).

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There’s actually also a support and trapper poll as well. I wonder why those aren’t as popular as this one?

I’m heading over to the Support one right now! Love that class!

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I have returned!
Sorry about that! Medic and Monster polls coming soon!

Medic Finished!
Monster Finished!

Bump! Let’s give these guys some love! Don’t be afraid to debate in this thread why you think a character should win, or not win!

I want at least a good 50+ votes before I send anything to TRS… Wanna make a big impression right?

I may have a ‘finals’ round where the top 2 characters are re-cast… Maybe not. I also want to let the finalists have a few days to embellish some ideas (If you have any feedback for the character, be sure to tag the creator!)

none of my ideas get any love :<

I am glad to see my assaults near first place!

That Ava though… :angry:

Maximus! PLEASE!