Closed Poll: MaddCow wins Presidency!


Continuing the discussion from A Chance to be "President":

unfortunately, not many candidates came forward… cast votes now :smile:

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Hm… Let’s see… I think I’ll go with… This is such a hard decision, on one hand we have a Maddcow… and then on the other hand, Maddcow. Oh I got it! @SledgePainter has my vote!

(P.S, both of you are awesome and I could never decide :smiley:)


I voted for @Maddcow before it was cool. Remember me for Secretary of War when we attack the chickens.


I am opening up eligibility to regulars excluding myself next go round :slight_smile:

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Hmm…MaddCow vs MaddCow? I can’t decide. Don’t make me. I could never hurt MaddCow! Or MaddCow, in the event that I vote for MaddCow and not MaddCow but oh well. I suppose MaddCow has my vote. I think @Shin will vote for MaddCow too because he loves MaddCow. Although he loves MaddCow too…Hmm.


I think it’s safe to close the poll lol its unanimous


@MaddCow after winning the elections:


All hail the new Cowmmander in Chief!


I, for one, welcome our new bovine overlord.


he needs a new title… he can no longer be just mooderator


Mooderator in Chief?

Also he needs to assign a Cowbinet.


Aye that’ll do


I would like to give an acceptance speech to all those who believed in me. Without your love and support this achievement could not have been possible. I vow to do my best to help serve you in whatever capacity it is that I can. That being said, as my first, duly elected, announcement, I am pleased to announce that I will be now hosting community coaching with cow every Tuesday and Saturday.

This is but a taste of things to come. I will be putting forth an official declaration soon in a new thread regarding signing up and organizing this endeavor. I will soon be appointing my new cabinet members to help bring forth Bovine Benefactoring.


p.s. MaddCow is not, nor has been or will, been affiliated with the Dark Side. You can trust me! :smiley:


All hail the new bovine leader!
@quirkly @shin @MidnightRoses

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Okay, he can be president. But I take orders from our Rose overlord. :smile:

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Perhaps I shall nominate Overlord Rose as my first cabinet position.

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I agree with this proposal. ^.^


The nomination has been seconded. Are there any who oppose?


All Hail the Great Cow of Maddness, may the sun shine upon his reign
Edit: And rose is good too, long as she doesnt steal my sunshine -.- flowers

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None oppose! All hail our bovine and rose rulers!

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