Closed Poll: Do you want to spectate in Custom Games? (eSports)

  • Yes
  • No

Edit: We have an answer! Purpose of thread is complete. Thank you to everyone who voted and commented below, and a bigger thank you to Turtle Rock Studios for confirming spectator mode!

Very simple question! Custom Games will not have a spectating feature at launch.

However, it has been made clear that if the community wants it, we will receive it! Turtle Rock Studios is awesome and have been very upfront with us since the beginning. It’s rare to see so much community interaction with so many developers of a large title like Evolve. That being said, as part of the “pre-release” competitive community, I believe this will allow us to bring eSports to Evolve with much a greater impact if spectating is added to Custom Games on launch.

At The DGL, we want to get the competitive scene going within Evolve. We will be getting this done regardless. Unfortunately, with the current setup of Evolve, we will not be able to record/stream most matches due to us not being able to spectate tournaments while they’re happening. This would leave it up to the players to record and stream matches for you to watch. Many people cannot stream/record due to internet and hardware constraints. We want to get competitive content out to as many people as possible, and if we can get a spectating option into Evolve, we can provide a massive amount of competitive game play to the Evolve community.

Ultimately, we want to be able to provide shoutcasting to the community, much like what @DB_Sinclair provides during the Evolve Live Streams. Unfortunately, the setup they use at 2K is only possible if everyone playing is within the same building. Over the internet, this would be nearly impossible. As we want to provide you guys with great content, this isn’t really a reliable option for shoutcasting consistently.

Spectating will also have uses for noncompetitive uses as well. You could come into a game of friends and watch them play, or even watch a game of bots if you so choose!

Whether you want to compete in competitive matches, watch competitive matches, or chill with friends, custom game spectating will benefit everyone. If you want your voices heard, be sure to vote in the poll and leave a comment below. If we can show TRS that we really want this for the competitive scene (or for your own personal use), they will give it to us. TRS truly has created an amazing game. We really want to provide the best eSports scene that we can, and this would allow us to do so much more.


Pretty sure it is already confirmed that there will be a spectater mode coming in an update after launch.


This man’s right, somebody already mentioned it.


Yes, absolutely, why not?
However, I do want it to be truly an option. That is to say, people can choose not to have their custom games able to be spectated if they so desire.


Go for yes
we want it
You can watch someone playing DLC characters in action so you would sell more of them


I’m all for it, but obviously would need some way to lock those slots or disable them so you can’t have people just hopping into games willy nilly :slight_smile:


whats wrong with people hopping to your games just to watch? Aint Steam integrating a system to go watch your friend play anyways???


Which you can turn on/off. Sometimes you want to practice for a tournament and don’t want people to watch. Or you are playing in a tournament and don’t want someone who ‘could’ be a spy. People can be dicks. Why not limit the ability for that to happen?


sigh why the fuck cant this brain read the text people write to the end before deciding what its reading…


Need more coffee? :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to give us links of confirmation. I’ve done a search and wasn’t able to come up with anything, and @L1NK has talked to people fairly recently and it wasn’t on the list of “to-do.”


Bit of correction for you @xdflames :stuck_out_tongue:

I have heard whispers of “post-release Spectate system” as well but would like to see it come on RELEASE instead of being in limbo. Either way, competition will go on BUT we could bring it to a much bigger audience if we could spectate games.

Trust me… we will have competitive Evolve in one way or another, it just would be reallllllllllly helpful for spreading the word and hyping eSports for Evolve if we could shoutcast/spectate on release.


It looks like @MrTalha and @LaggerCZE have heard these whispers as well, but even then I’m not satisfied if it is something we could have potentially on release. When I put “to-do” list, I meant done by release. That was a “not saying what I mean kind of thing.”


They said that they most likely won’t have it at release, but post launch if there is enough ‘demand’ for it. I think the game is pretty much in the state it will be in at release.


This is just to make sure TRS sees that the community wants spectating to be in the game. So far 95% of the votes are for yes, even though the number of votes are fairly small right now.

It’d be great if we could have it on release, but I understand that changing things this close to release is very risky and isn’t really plausible. It definitely would be cool, though.


I’m pretty sure everyone would want it as long as there was a way to disable/lock those spots.


If they add a spectator mode (which I could see not making launch, but maybe an update?) then I see absolutely zero reason NOT to allow it fort custom matches.


Custom games can be set to private/password/or locked so I don’t see how spectator slots would be different…


Mostly because it’s not in the game yet and there hasn’t been any discussion about what Spec. slots entail.


Right, I get that.

If/when they add spectator to the game at all, I see no reason it wouldn’t include custom games.

I guess I’m just confused about the specifying of custom matches. Seems like the question should just be “should they add a spectator mode?”