Closed Poll: Daisy's Day Contest VOTING!

  • growllll Dear diary growlll
  • Daisy’s Found A Monster
  • I Like Flying
  • 4 Feet on the Ground
  • A Day in the Life of a Tame Trapjaw
  • Dear Friends
  • Thrill of the Hunt
  • I am a trapjaw and this is my life
  • Visiting the Aviary
  • We are Trapjaws
  • Through My Eyes
  • Lunch
  • The Thoughts of Daisy
  • Trapjaw Daisy
  • Daisy’s Pack: Hunting the Goliath Day 4
  • My Place in the Pack
  • The Way Things Hunt
  • Daisy’s Revenge
  • Her Pack
  • Don’t Yell at Me
  • The Origins of Ruva
  • Together
  • Its my job to Halp
  • Man Stink and Metal
  • Runt

Voting shall now commence for the Daisy’s Day Contest! There are many great entries here so please be sure to read EVERY one if you intend to vote for a favorite. The titles of the qualifying stories are shown in the list above, so be sure to remember the title of the story you liked the best overall. Many of these are long, and I understand. Because of this, voting will be kept open for 2 full weeks (ending April 5th at midnight), with reminders of voting given once in a while. Please do not vote on your own entry. This is merely stage 1 of the voting process. The top 5 entries here will then go on to be read and voted on by devs. and mods for winner placements at a date to be announced. Devs. and mods. can also vote in stage 1. I am personally not taking part in the voting due to bias and am thrilled to see such a turnout of entries!

Please see this thread to get on to the stories!

Closed Poll: Creating a Monster KNOCKBACK Attack
Daisy's Day CONTEST: Win a PC copy of Evolve

Question! Will you see me as less of a decent human being for voting for my own epic haiku?


My worry is because a lot of people don’t like reading, and we have a lot of entries to read, this particular contest will be seeing much less votes in general than other contests; and if everyone votes on their own…since they can’t vote multiple times…it would probably not bode well for the contest as a whole.

That being said, I don’t know who votes for what, so it’s all based on the honor system.


A day in the life of a Tame Trapjaw just sounds smashing good


Very well. THEN I VOTE FOR RUNT! It’ll be like the council scene in Pirates of the Carribean 3…


So what are we voting for exactly?


I just realized that because I am unable to vote, I won’t actually be able to see the stats myself until I close the poll!


Theres a link at the bottom of the opening post that goes to the story thread. Twas a writing contest for some prizes.

Haikus are awesome.


I can give you a play-by-play on the developments, Sledge!


Thank you, but no worries. I don’t wanna clog up the vote thread. I will have one of the other mods assist me with screenshots from time to time.


Fine. Only news that’s truly relevant is that nobody likes my haiku yet.


It looks like Daisy is in the lead, follow by Daisy, and then Daisy, and then look… Another Daisy! It’s a great day to be a trapjaw folks!


Did somebody say…follow Daisy?
You know what that means…gotta spam the:


It’s a shame I suck at writing, these are all great! Just wow


Man… the suspense is killing me. So the winners will be announced on April 5th?


After that, the devs. and mods. will vote so probably about 5 days-ish after that.


Welp. There’s a lot of reading to do. Better get started then.


It’s very interesting to see what everyones digging in the poll, which makes me nervous… :blush:

I wish everyone who wrote good luck in the poll!


If I get to the top five I want thank @mortalbound for his Haiku. All I did was describe the job Daisy did combined with Haiku short phrases (by the way very clever Haiku @mortalbound) With Honda to act like a catalyst.


Just a reminder…weekend coming up would be a good time to get some reading and voting in before the big Behemoth and T4 drops!