Closed Poll: Creating a Monster TRAVERSAL

Sometimes it’s best to “Keep it simple, stupid.”

grappling isnt really basic. its easiest to implement (behind glide) so fastest

if we went with my liquification ideas or the cloud propulsion thing it’d be a total pain for the devs. mostly because clouds of things are expensive to render.

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Looks like a Cat o’ nine tails

The slime one seems better suited as an ability. A traversal should have you gain distance the nmoment you hit the button. Also in case people don’t know you can change your vote before the poll closes.

How is Shadow Mist not winning, that sounds so badass.

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i agree, it sounds so cool. I loved it in Infamous: Second Son

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This would not be a straight dash more like a cloud state then you can move around freely like krakens flight.

oh OK, that sounds even better! would the cloud have momentum? so depending on how fast your going it affects your turning?

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It’s debateble. We won’t know what works best unless tested so that would be up to the devs choice.

imo i picked a cloud but ill go with grappling to see whatever this thing can do to traverse

My real vote is for grappling to ledges with your tentacle thing, but then you can slingshot yourself instead of climbing, then when you’re high up you glide downward. It would be like the way Batman uses the grapple gun in the Arkham games to project himself forward. Your basic traversal would be the tentacle grapple, but how could you string this together to move long distances quickly? Would you grab any surface you point the cursor at, like the grappling hook in Dying Light? You’d still just be leap-climbing basically. Part of the character is that whenever you leap from heights, you go into a controlled glide instead of just dropping, so you can use your grappling hook traversal to fling yourself up into the air.

Ok so, bacteria, parasite, and what appears to be grappling with how high the vote count is…I wanna see this thing as a giant insectoid/spider esque monster, multi legged, pincers, maybe a stinger of some sort, I dunno, I would just love to see some sort of bug monster, something that really brings out fear. You could use webbing for grappling, it uses bacteria so it could spit chemicals from its mouth or something, a lot of this stuff could go well with a spider!

When I posted in this thread I was trying to think of what would be a good thing for a monster to use for a grappling hook, like some kind of hooked tentacle and where it would fire from, but a spider thorax with a stinger that shoots disposable bio-webbing would be cool. I’d very much like to see some kind of anthropomorphic spider-like creature, somewhere in size between Kraken and Wraith; like the fantasy archetype of a woman with the body of a spider, except the upper body is a disgusting monster and not a person. (Google anthropomorphic spider, DeviantArt has some good ones). It could have some kind of deadly spit that produces a cloud, similar to Hyde’s grenades, maybe a life-leech attack - like a sneak-pounce restores health as long as you stay on top of them. Cool traversal could be a slingshot with the grapple/webbing like Spider-Man. The picture above kinda looks like the Scorpid, the original monster in development that morphed all the way into Goliath.

i’ve been suggesting this guy.

would be fun to grapple with his tentacles or a gas cloud

Like kraken’s cousin from another mother. I was thinking something that uses the tongue but then ol behemoth already uses that even if it is an attack move. I need to think of another body part.


updated this guy a bit

Instead of plain traverse, how about posture? I know slithering is out of the question but It be pretty cool to see a quadrapel monster.

kraken has four walking limbs, making him a quadruped. this monster has three

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I have to close this thread now but you can continue the discussion in the main one. I can’t believe I forgot to do this, heh.

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