Closed Poll: Creating a Monster TRAVERSAL

  • Gliding
  • Grappling
  • Shadow Mist
  • Slime Swarm Cloud

The first and second steps of the process have been decided…the monster’s basic archetype will be Parasite/Necromancer whose elements will focus on Bacteria/Plague with a bit of Acid and Fungus thrown into the mix.

Now we will be selecting a traversal skill, which will help the creature both maneuver around the battlefield and/or escape the hunters. Keep these two points in mind. As usual, before you choose based on the list above, please see what we mean by each in the very brief description below, then cast your vote.

Initiated by a leap (not even half as long as Goliath’s leap. Think forward a bit but more vertical), and then an automatic slow decent which can be directed. The jump height possibly could be determined by the length of the press of the traversal button/key or up to 3 taps of said button/key. The downward glide could function like a grasshopper’s wings (they jump, then flutter as far as possible in their glide), or a flying squirrel with skin flaps. There would be greater maneuverability left and right as compared to Kraken while he’s flying.

Claws, tentacles, or some other extended body part will function as a long-range grappling device and automatically latch onto a surface centered in the monster’s view, then quickly pull the monster to that location. Makes for faster climbing or getting around an area. Imagine being able to go from cliff to cliff in a zig-zag fashion or up and down from cliff to ground faster than climbing/dropping.

Shadow Mist:
The monster would turn into a cloud of “ghostly gas tendrils” (about 2/3 it’s original size) which would freely move around for a short period, moving slightly faster then normal speed and able to fly up into the air. This skill lasts nowhere near as long as the Krakens flight, so it must be used wisely. This cloud can still take damage due to the disruption of its weak cohesion.

Slime Swarm Cloud:
The monster disintegrates into a ball of parasites within a very gaseous cloud and can direct said cloud for a limited time. These parasites quickly spread a slime coat around all surfaces within a set radius. The monster can then move/climb/drop down more quickly over these surfaces (perhaps 2X speed?). This is more of a battlefield advantage ability or back-tracking ability. The slime coating effect will have a timed duration.

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That swarm cloud sounds awesome :open_mouth:


I love the monster mist ability.


The grappling traversal sounds like something Carnage/Venom would do. I like it!


Grappling sounds inspired from the Zombie in Dying Light


Gotta go with gliding. Seems very practical in combat or out of it.


Personally, I don’t really see grappling or gliding as being a good fit for a monster meant for Parasite/Bacteria/Plague etc. They’re cool modes of transportation, of course, but it just seems like more of a stretch as to me the monster should be more grounded.


I said grappling as I feel the “mists” types, though cool, would be a real headache to balance.


This traversal mode will help us determine our basic design of the monster, it’s not based on the Parasite/Bacteria/Plague idea. So the grappling and gliding ideas could work well with any abilities it will have.


Tough call,grappling has my vote though,sounds like it would be really fun to zip around the map.


Question. In the other post, I had the slingshot idea. Would grappling extend to slingshot as well?


Gliding sounds too similar to Krakens movement which is technically gliding so I think that should be taken off the table and the others besides the grappling sound liek a real hassle froma technical and animation stand point so i think grappling makes the most sense


I don’t think I understand the last one. So the monster turns into a ball/cloud of parasites?And is invulnerable during that time? and when it returns into its original shape again it can use the slime to its advantage?

Or it creates a cloud of parasites which it can direct, and then take advantage of the slime that the swarm leaves behind?


The guy who came up with this traversal, admitted that hat was the inspiration.


I wouldnt mind something kind of like in the movie little nicky were he turns into a thousands of little spiders, use that to traverse away, maybe the creature is like a swarms of bugs and you can disperse and reform a distance away


I would rather save grappling as a plant monster prospect.


I doubt it would be invulnerable but it might take reduced damage. It could turn into a swarm of locusts and the person directs said cloud for a period of time some slime gets spread around which slows/deals damage to the hunters or could possibly have the slime spread out and covers tracks.


Problem is, that can be a pain to animate. I personally am leaning toward the shadow mist traversal. It has a some what vampiric feel and could become harder to see in low visibility conditions. I’ve actually been playing around with an ability that creates clouds of gas to fight in. It would be like that movie The Mist


Grappling would better for a plant monster with vines’n stuff.
And I have tp protect the gliding. It just sounds similar but the flight of kraken and normal gliding is totally different. From animating to ways of use, it is something totally different. It’s like comparing birds to flying sqirrels.


Yes, maybe invulnerable or not (has to be determined) and hmm, could work either way!