Closed Poll: Creating a Monster KNOCKBACK Attack

I can’t wait to make more concept art of it. ^^

Yet to really be determined. The last time we held a vote on this the quadruped was chosen. We may or may not revisit that vote because that was for another monster, not this one. We will probably talk more on that when we get into the looks of the monster, which we won’t get in to until the attack abilities are finalized.

ya know…if the sheild doenst win, it should be able to be carried over to the next ability vote.

imagine the cloud move coupled with vorpal blade and the shield…

we have created a knight monster! an rpg standard class! wooo

gg were done package it up and send it in boys.

vorpal blade, spore cloud, fungal sheild, and the stinger spear.
bacterial knight.

With the spooky fog/cloud he would be the black knight, or dare I say the Dark Knight! There is however a parasite sticky bomb idea @Bear_Stream mentioned that I think should be used too though.

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The idea leading in the polls manages to be both the least practical and the most generic. A parasitic fungus Monster has a Magic Sword now? Sigh

Pretty much every other ability would make sense. Stinger is a cool idea. Fungal Shield is interesting. Noxious Gust is a very practical Monster ability.

I don’t know what’s in the lead yet…I like all the ideas and can’t seem to come to a conclusion yet.

I think the poll creator can’t see the actual poll results until it’s finished for some reason: Vorpal Blade has 26, followed by Stinger at 23, Shield at 16.

Nah, I can see them as soon as I place a vote…I just can’t yet because I can’t decide!

If we find the synergy doesn’t work well we could always change it, maybe. Plus there’s no gar auntie that the devs would all the abilities we suggest anyways.
Edit @mediumvillain just want to clarify, what is it about vorpal blade that seems impractical?

Voting will be ending tomorrow night. Be sure to cast your vote!

No offense to whoever thought of forceful stinger but I hope it doesn’t win. Immobilizing a hunter would be a little unbalance since we already have sneak pounce. The devs even nerfed it a little because it was too spammy, so pinning them should be out. Also it’s similar to a possible future idea which would be like a sticky bomb. The sticky bomb would be even more useful, and having this would mean we can’t consider the sticky bomb anymore. Other then that it’s a decent idea so please don’t be too offended.

Commenting just to put it on people’s recent updates so we can get more votes

Looks like the stingers winning now. Question, is only one shot or does launch several at once? If it’s inly one it might be hard to get a knockback and would be more like a skillshot. Perhaps three space apart from each other. When I read how they explode it reminds me of the Najarals attack from monster hunter

Yeah, a shillshot would probably be weird, as the next ability is a skillshot (not that i would mind this being a skillshot. Perhaps just not a precise skillshot). I would like to suggest that there would be multiple stingers that sort of shotgun out like a missile pod instead of a single shot and explode even if it hits a hunter (as it is considered a knockback and can be a bit tricky if multiple hunters are pinned at once).

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I like the sound of forceful stinger but I think a pinning attack would have too many kiddies crying op cant move plz halp
I’m still goin with Vorpal balde here

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That’s what I was picturing…multiple spikes shot into the ground that explode. Basically, a nice way to deny an area and slow the hunters from pursuit, and create additional chaos in battle.

I think we may need to tweak whichever ability wins a little.
Vorpal Blade: longer range on the shockwave ( greater damage if hit by blade and less if hit by shockwave)

Forceful stinger: no pinning, fires more then one. Has some degree of range (leap smash distance). Maybe a direct hit will stick into hunter or wildlife and explodes a few seconds later.

What do you think @SledgePainter ?

This poll has now closed with Vorpal Blade as winner, followed by Forceful Stinger as a close runner up. The next attack ability we will be discussing is the Skillshot attack, so feel free to head over to the main thread to drop your ideas there!

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I know im late here but your vorpal blade description at the end says “with violet force” kinda made me laugh ^.^
Edit: i ment the fungal shield.