Closed Poll: Creating a Monster KNOCKBACK Attack

  • Vorpal Blade
  • Noxious Gust
  • Fungal Shield
  • Forceful Stinger
  • Caustic Discharge

It’s time we got to voting on the Knockback attack for our community-created monster. Sorry it has been a while due to Behemoth, T4, and personal reasons, but I’m back on this now. This attack will act in much the same way as Kraken’s Vortex, Goliath’s Rock Throw or Behemoth’s Fissure…the skill knocks hunters back off their feet. To catch up if you are new to this process, check out the thread to see where we are with our monster: Help Create a Monster! Please keep in mind that we want the new ability to work alongside the formerly voted on AOE ability, which was decided upon being the Spore Cloud (to be re-named later due to Slim’s ability name). We also won’t be crafting the appearance of our monster until we conclude voting on all 4 attack abilities. See the list below of descriptions of the Knockback abilities to be voted on above. Also keep in mind the ability names could change over time, just focus on the ability itself.

Spore Cloud spits out fungus orbs that float in the air and create a large cloud of spores. They are deployed like how you would with Abe’s stasis grenades, allowing for several clouds to be placed high and low. The lower visibility will make it harder for the hunters to predict its attacks. The cloud will also
have various effects to help give the monster an advantage in combat. The effects will be determined later to provide good synergy with its other future abilities. Example of possible effects are:

Hunter: slower cooldown and/or reload
Wildlife: infects them, causing them to actively target hunters, and/or possibly
reviving wildlife if recently killed. (The revival does not work if they have begun to decay or been eaten. Also the revival only works once, so once they die again they instantly decay.)

Here are descriptions of the above voting abilities. These were chosen from a larger list that will remain valid for future attack abilities in the main thread (around post #900). Voting will end on April 21st aprox. midnight EST.

Vorpal Blade: Creates a blade of concentrated bacteria/pestilence “let’s call it entropic matter”, and slashes the area directly in front of it in a wide arc. This also launches a shockwave forward a short distance (only a few feet, like you see in the legend of Zelda games), knocking back hunters. This attack also has the side effect of infecting a victim causing damage over time for a short period. I see this as our monster most lethal ability though it is a close range move and will probably have a longer cooldown.

Noxious Gust: The monster briefly swells up as it deeply inhales, it then releases a controlled burst of wind in an arc in front of it knocking back hunters in a 10 meter cone. If the hunters hit some form of terrain they take extra damage.

Fungal Shield: Blocks all incoming damage from that direction for the duration it is held, then X monster pushes the shield at the target with violet force.

Forceful Stinger: A large lance-like spike which upon impact with the ground arms for a second or two, then shatters causing a minor amount of damage, but causes a powerful Knockback and slowing effect (being showered in shrapnel doesn’t help you run). Should your aim be true and hit a Hunter. Then the stinger will pierce said Hunter causing a nasty hit of damage and pins them to the environment for a fewseconds.

Caustic Discharge: The Monster Fires a glob of caustic fluids from an orifice on it’s back (or somewhere else) that knocks away the target and places a weak poison effect on hunters/wildlife being hit. Staging up the skills raises the duration of the poison or the size of the glob.

Any chance that the gust could be modified into a sonic roar/howl?

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Absolutely can be, but I cannot edit the main text right now due to polls being wonky things…but yes we can keep this in mind for sure.

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Caustic Discharge master race

Awwww… Slingshot crash didn’t make it…

Vorpal blade ftw ^.^
I’m interested to see this monster :3

I can imagine DB making a “snicker snack” comment

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I like the stinger lance idea :smile:
shooting a giant spike and pinning a hunter to the wall sounds fun

Sounds ouch to me lol

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To be honest the slingshot one seemed more like a skillshot, which will be the upcoming debates.

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I’m loving the Fungal Shield idea right now.

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Is this going to be the monster that was mentioned in the hunter dialogue as the monster that makes other monsters?

No, this is a totally unofficial creation, which will be brought to the developers once we finalize the concepts.

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… No just no. It hurts my eyes lol

How many do we need till poll is closed?

Votes can keep coming in until midnight on the 21st.

Can we please, please make it midnight on the 22nd, Sledge? Please? :smiley:

You’re just foolin’ me aren’t you?

No, because, see, my username is Midnight…And I’m 22* years old… :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I see! Also, I am keeping the time because It’s also the end time for the final voting on the Daisy’s Day contest…have to go update that thread. I need to keep track.