Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ELEMENT

  • Acid
  • Fungus
  • Air/Wind
  • Bacteria/Plague
  • Gas

The first step of the process has been decided…the monster’s basic archetype will be Parasite/Necromancer. Now we will be selecting an element which will work on that archetype and help formulate the type of abilities we’ll create down the line. What element should ours be? Before you choose based on the list above, please see what we mean by each in the very brief description below, then cast your vote. This has nothing to do with looks or abilities at this time, just the basic element we’re going for.

Toxicity, burning, blinding, melting.
Eating away biomatter, spongy or chitin growths, mold
Speaks for itself, really, gusting, torrents, air bursting
Disease, virus, spreading infection, maisma
Toxicity, miasma, oxygen depletion


totally didn’t expect a choice of acid or acid mixed with plant or acid mixed with acid mixed with acid

now i don’t have anything i want to vote for, even my own suggestion

I feel like Gas and Bacteria/Plague are very similar, and can be combined very successfully with Acid.

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I’d really like both Acid AND Plague. I don’t mind which wins. But I’m already brewing several visual concepts in my head, and ooo, I’m loving it.


could gas have an ability that lights up it’s gas cloud in a huge explosion? like a set up trap from where it moves?


Too similar to Goliaths fire breath i think. It’s pretty much what he does but from afar and in a different geometrical shape.

This is the stage where we just choose the type right? Acid all the way! though I don’t think it should blind characters because that would be a disaster

no, i mean it leaves a cloud it can ignite after it’s movement trail and if you keep moving over one spot the cloud thickens until you have a bomb

Why is water not a choice, could be awesome, could like flood an area of the dome and hide under water in pools and shit

The first poll proposed an archetype that combined its abilities, I think that could still be done and would be pretty cool.

Ice could be another amazing one, why limit it to these, they are all very similar

You know what, i think i will vote for acid, we can always have a gas ability with a toxic compound that slightly blinds players and slows them. I also believe acid and other acidic compounds will be much easier to portray than fungus or bacteria.

I agree plague and gas do seem to be almost the same thing, also gas and acid could go together as well. On the plus side either would go with the vision I have for a shadowy corruption beast. Speaking of which @SledgePainter what was your reasoning for not including corruption.

This got me thinking, imagine a Support along the lines of Lazarus but with a different flair, a Necromancer Hunter. Could revive some “pets” from fallen wildlife and, depending on what you bring back, those could have offensive, tracking, or other benefits. Could be interesting, though probably in that form a bitch to balance.

Ice is amazing, and I really hope to see it used down the line; I just see it being a problem combined with Parasite/Necro.


Arise my minions!

Directly to the poll options.
Acid and Gas are pretty similar and should have been combined into one. Not because another element I want in here isn’t but they are very close to each other and it would make room for another more diverse one.

Arise, Chicken, Chicken arise. taps staff (that show was bleh but i thought that part was funny)


yeah i agree that gas and acid are essentially the same thing here.

basicly it’s a choice of 2 + air.

Good point, I voted acid, think that would fit best with this archtype. And yes ice would be incrdible