Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ARCHETYPE

Well of course im just saying that it would stil lbe really annoying to constantly be bombarded with gas making you visually impaired

It would be the same thing as blizzard weather conditions on a map and no ones complainedabout that yet.

Yet everyone complains about the toxic grenades slow.
I think a small cloud that damages hunters near the monster would work well. Medics and support usually wouldn’t be affected but Assaults and close range trappers would be doomed. Also this would be great near incapped hunters.

That is a good point, and it does seem inevitable for a monster to have that ability. I also trust turtle rock completely whatever they do will be the right call

If they were to do the cloud ability ibknow they would do it right

Well said 10chars

@slashdotdash are you going to put my idea I posted after your last post into you compilation?

It may be late, but can a metamorphic monster be added to the list? I made a topic but I don’t think it’s received the proper amount of feedback :slight_smile: I would like it to be an option for the community to run with. I see that we have a rather difficult monster in the works so I can’t see why a metamorphic wouldn’t be included, unless its too late.

I think, for the most part, a parasitic-type monster is gonna be the consensus, but as for having metamorphic abilities, I don’t see why not. The next part of this monster-making process is going up Monday, so let your ideas fly! :grin:

i think metamorphing is a bad idea.

think about it - you have to make a new animation and model for each transformation

so its either limited and shit

or lots of work and doesnt work right and is bugged for years, so is shit

kamodo dragons do this

i agree. I Think the MOST doable and requested type of monster would be the Ranger/dot/minion user

this monstr would have to be

  1. very fast
  2. operate at medium to long range
  3. be land based
  4. have ONE ability that uses minions or ressurects dead widlife so that it is not dependent on it
  5. Be more durible than wraith but less so than krak

Luckily we’re in the forums of a development team who could easily do this, biggest hurdle is money. Balancing wouldn’t be too bad, a little harder than current monsters (it’s essentially just balancing two different monsters, which they’ve obviously done), and it would only need 5 different designs up from 3. Would only need four other skills if you choose to morph as well. Should be the last monster they go for. So money is the biggest hurdle.

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Exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

I second the Gore magala theme. raging wildlife with damage +speed + rage towards hunters buffs will be perfect and at least this is better than decoy because we can kill the wildlife even if he casts again and they are resurrected. it keeps the hunters distracted and causes the monster player to want to pick good spots to battle in in order to have success. excellent necromancy theme. +1 my friend.

after monday i know you will be making your monster type submission. i will be doing the same based around this cuz this is cool. unless i spawn something random in my head ORR the votes lead us down a different path. we have a long way to go!!

Sure, and btw I feel that plague mites are not redundant just because of a map effect. Keep in mind they INCLUDED GAS and that could be all you need for the gas ability right there (potentially). It’s like saying wraith is redundant because of the teleportation map effect, or like goliath is redundant with the minion effect.

Don’t forget that the mites are intended to double as gas and if you havent noticed the mutant wildlife still attacks the monster, so the concept would still have a use in said situation.

A monster manipulating wildlife would be BOTH unique and doable. The manipulated wildlife would be even more aggressive than simply mutated ones and wouldn’t attack the monster.

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minion user

how is that most doable? devs tried it and said it was ineffective and frustrating. not happening

And that is precisely why I would favor the manipulation of wildlife, what better substitute?

And this poll is now closed! Thanks for voting and taking part…hope you continue to do so! The winner is: Parasite/Necromancer, with runner up being Ranger. What an amazing run…the topic of the poll had over 500 comments! Lets keep 'em coming. Here is the new thread to keep track of: Help Create a Monster! and continue the debates!

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