Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ARCHETYPE


Kinda my thoughts, but as many have made the point, this is a thread to find 1 winner. You and I have the same mindset on this and the same worries, but it's up to everyone as far as what we will all collectively do. I want everybody to try and make our monster AMAZING, i don't want it to be suddenly scrapped or half-done because there are 2 threads.... It's hard to decide.


If it works in the game, I'd really like to see the broodmother monster archetype.

The kind of Monster that is dangerous on its own, but is truly feared because of its minions.

Off the top of my head, this could be done by spawning a limited number of Drones or, perhaps, by a sort of fungal monster taking inspiration from the "zombie fungus" to reanimate wildlife.

I suppose it would be a choice between a broodmother and an infestor for that role.


All I have to say we are getting anything with AI minions of any kind I demand that whoever programmed the AI goliath in the beta to make the AI for them.


Unfortunately it has already been stated that "Spawner Monsters" wouldn't work. I really wish it was possible tho. crying_cat_face


Hopefully it is revisited later on, then.

Do you remember the name of the thread where they posted that?



I feel like the snake monster on primal rage would be awesome . Or a type of bird related monster


Ah yes, Vertigo. She was pretty legit.


This parasitic "brood mother" could have 2-3 eggs that she plants in uneaten, dead prey (cliche, but stick with me). This process is begun by her/it picking up said carcass (assuming it is of pouncing size, if not she just leaves it) and planting an egg inside of it. This egg takes 1:30 to hatch, but benefits 15seconds off for each meat that is left on the carcass. The hunters can destroy these eggs easily and it is up to the monster to either hide or protect them. After the given time is over the minion that hatched will regroup with the brood mother and fight with her (with whatever kinds of attacks). She will not rely completely on these and they will be hard to harness at low stages and in game modes like hunt. Instead think of what 2-3 little AI helpers could do if you were stage 3 going in for the kill, playing defend and needed some more help, or protecting the larger eggs on nest. This would be a handy yet hard to master utility as you will need to be clever about egg placement and make sure to regroup with the spawns safely, but if used properly they could be quite useful.

Just an idea, and lots is up to question.

Anyway, we will all have to think of some more l8r, since the thread for it hasn't even been started yet.


Ok, the last couple replies on this thread has just confirmed you guys are thinking WAY too much into this and taking it way too seriously and being way too bias towards whatever monster you want. You're acting like you're giving birth to a child, let's take it down a notch, it's very unlikely TRS are going to make a monster we come up with. I also have no idea why you guys are acting like this is YOUR monster, your all speaking so personally, as if this isn't a forum project. Reminder: it is. Nobody is going to get the exact monster they want so chill out with all these high expectations, please, I feel like I'm surrounded by children fighting over a lollipop.


I think the answer to the Spawner problem is to not have the Monster be 100% reliant on spawns - make them just one good ability's contribution with builds that allow players to ignore them.

Abilities could be build around helping ensure the minions get hits in while still benefiting the Monster without them - its what I tried to do with a brainstormed design.


I actually like the idea of the Parasite's traps producing brood. You place a capsule shaped pod on the ground or a body you have killed, and whenever a hunter walks near it, it explodes and creates a tiny creature that kamikazes towards the hunters and will auto-attack to the death.


I respect your opinion, and I agree with you on some things. This is a community driven monster, and everything about it will be decided on by the community, not individuals.

However, I did state that although I don't prefer Parasite, that doesn't effect my feelings towards this project. I was just saying that maybe we could try going at it from a different approach.

Also, what's the problem with taking pride in it? Is it going to be put into the game? No. Is it something that we individually are creating? No. But is it something that we, as a community, are crafting, building from the ground up to something we all helped make? Yes. And I don't know about you, but I like to take pride in my work.

No one is bashing the Parasite idea. Some like it. Some don't. But I have yet to see anyone actually bash on the Parasite just because they want something different.

And plz don't jinx us with the whole "It's very unlikely they will make a monster like what we are making" thing! We said that exact same thing with Golem and look where she is now, lol. blush


yeagh dont jinx it i would like any monster honestly


For parasite people.


I feel like he only posted the Parasite section because of this thread, lol.


this one would be great if you made it's head pop into a little shell bit. you could make it really lovable and sympathetic with that head; its the eyes

perhaps make the puffy bit a lot smaller and spindly.

maybe give it some vampire sucker proboscis instead of claws


Ranger & Necro sounds like it would fit the game. I cant see Speedster in game with hit and run, because we've got Val and Trapper.
I vote for Ranger, his description is most interesting for me. But why not combine them both? He is strong in ranged, he is leeching and setting ambushes. But he is weak in close fight.

BTW I would love to see arachnid(dont care about wall climbing, he is too big to be able to attach to the wall) and quadrupedal(him especially)



just saw a quoted post where you say

No plans to allow Monsters to hang on walls mid-climb. That would require us to go back and do a lot of work to all the existing monsters, adding transition animations, camera work, etc. As soon as people can hang on a wall, they're going to want to be able to leap off of it, use their abilities, etc. Right now we feel like having our animators and coders work on new characters is a better time spend.

does this mean that if the next monster's gimmick is climbing based we could have more fleshed out climbing animations implemented for it ?

waiting for mac on reply to this one - if he says that we can have the monster's entire gimmick as expanded climbing for it's traversal it could be a fan favourite monster and really make the game.


I agree doing two monsters would allow us to ensure one makes it to the end. Even if both make it then we will have two options to present to the devs. On another note I can think of one way to do AI minion that you wouldn't have rely on. Make a turret parasite that's either fixed to the ground or follows the monster never leaving its side.