Closed Poll: Creating a Monster ARCHETYPE

  • Ranger
  • Parasite/Necromancer
  • Speedster
  • Shepherd
  • Tactician/Alchemist

A while back several members of the community got together to create an homage turtle rock monster that we wanted to officially hand over to TRS as a monster concept to possibly use in the future. However, with the release of Behemoth we have seen a lot of our ideas come to pass…so we are starting again with a clean slate from the ground up and hope the community will become involved with this new beastie. There are no concepts on the table…so this is not a turtle creature. It will be built by the community step-by-step and a new thread will be made to focus on its creation.

The first step of the process will be in selecting an archetype. Goliath is the Warrior/Brawler, Kraken is the Mage, Wraith is the Assassin, and Behemoth is the Tank. What should ours be? Before you choose based on the list above, please see what we mean by each in the very brief description below, then cast your vote. This has nothing to do with looks or abilities at this time, just the basic archetype we’re going for.

Relies mainly on ambush tactics, setting traps, lying in wait.
Relies on leeching health, infecting over time, slowing opponents.
Relies on speed and hit-and-run tactics to outmaneuver opponents.
Relies on herd mentality to aid itself while separating enemies.
Relies on combo moves to deal the most damage.


I’ll be helping with this one, the last was pretty tricky to keep up with :frowning:


I totally want a necrosis/parasite monster. Something you see from horror films and have no idea what the hell it is like The Thing.

Topic = Watched.

I’m not missing this one out.

Anyways, Speedster looks like the easiest to execute from the engineering side, but I totally want to see a parasitic monster use wildlife like a UAV.

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Parasite would be interesting if it was done right, The more practical ways being Speedster and Ranger though.

I feel parasite theme will be tough to do. The devs kinda already tried that.

I’m going with a Ranger theme (with a little bit of speedster).

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I like to see a ranger.
A monster that plans ahead of time to place down traps to confuse and harm the hunters. Then follow up with a strong long ranged attack and a medium damage close range.
I just fear that a necromancer, unless done perfectly, won’t fit into the game.

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a ranger can have a running /=/ speedster style traversal ability anyway, it’s abilities are not mainly designed around speed though.

Absolutely 100% spider or arachnid monster. It needs to happen , would be absolutely terrifying. Not to sure on abilities but there is a lot of potential with web, could use it as traps or for movement etc ect. Most important though fighting a huge spider would be so cool


a spider’s traversal ability could be to shoot a web ring around an area and climb up it’s web to a corner

a spider could have four legs and two arms

or it could be like the vine-spider i suggested and be a gelatinous vine ball and shoot out NEW legs each time it jumps, suspending its self in the air like a halflife tripod normally then looking like a bush with proboscis on the floor when sneaking.


I personally don’t think a spider would work very well. Too many legs. Know what I’m saying?

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Rooting for either Ranger or the Parasite (IMO a better name would be Leecher since we didn’t really talk about summons and wildlife control.)

This isn’t a type of monster.
This is a monster archetype.
Spider could fit into many, if not all if these actually.
It’s weather we decide to go for a spider after we choose an archetype and element is where you should suggest this.

I like the idea of a Ranger type – hunter against hunters.

yeah i cast my vote for ranger, i think that because it could take elements of speedster and fit as a spider it could work nicely

I voted Ranger. I’d like to see something as squishy as Wraith but with a lot of ranged abilities.

Well Four legs and two arms would work likely, But agreed on Ranger, Go Ranger!

This, I like this. Imagine how creepy it would be if you spotted him creeping along his web in a corner behind you whole team haha.

He could temporarily encase hunters with his web?

He could set traps around to slow hunters and inform him were they are.

As you said he could set up web structures that only he could climb that may give him and advantage.

Instead of being focused on damage he could be about trapping and manipulation.

All of these points however are irrelevant all that matters is I want to see a spider monster in the game regardless of it’s skills :slight_smile:

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I went Parasite, I feel the other archetypes are too similar to already existing Monsters.

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I think the ranger would have stats in between Wraith and Kraken. Leaning more towards Wraith.
That is something we will have to discuss in the topic though.

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