Closed Poll: Creating a Monster AOE ATTACK

I actually like the idea of the Poison Trail…opportunities for the Monster to zone the Hunters, which could lead to some really fun opportunities for plays and counter-plays.

Really ties in the necromancy idea.

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Seems like it would discourage the coattail-riding strategy that is currently adopted right now. I think it would encourage a much different style of play from the hunters.


That’s true, I hadn’t even thought of that. Good point. Something like that, in addition to the Behemoth’s wall ability, could really change the current strategies from both Monster and Hunters. I look forward to it.

All Monsters have some kind of AOE, and almost all of their abilities do AOE damage (e.g. “damage multiple Hunters” mastery requirements). But each Monster typically has an attack that’s designed around AOE - there’s a vague pattern to Monster abilities: AOE, CC, skillshot, close range - that kind of thing, so you could design Monster abilities knowing the general trend.

It looks like the ideas I lIke are being beaten out by some of the ones that seem less likely to be implemented. I was hoping for a cross between a toxic grenade and steamadons’s steam cloud - like a noxious spore cloud. Plague mites seem like the kind of thing they decided against doing with the Host creature.


I love the spore cloud idea! However, another effect could be that the spore burrows into the ground and then grows into a small plant that acts like a sentry gun, shooting poisonous blobs that damage and affect the hunters in another way (Such as slowing cooldowns etc) these “Sentry gun plants” could have many uses such as making a dangerous area in the arena or forcing the hunters to fire on these plants instead. this is not really AoE, but i still think it could be cool.

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All of the possibilities are epic. And why no love for Poison Trail? ;-; I would love to use that. In combination with knockback attacks, it would be crazy.

Nice work on these abilities, Sledge.

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Actually, none of the above ideas are mine but thank you. They were all brought up in the main thread by forum goers for suggestions to be voted on. I’m holding back for later attack ideas. :wink:

That sounds pretty cool you should mention it on the main thread mentioned at the top of this one. We might be able to use that for another ability later

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Correction this is probably how spore cloud will look to the hunters once it starts to infect/Rez wildlife. (Imagine the one in the middle is our monster)

Voted for Spore Cloud. I like the idea that in addition to whatever other DoT effect it has on the hunters, it can cause wildlife to become aggressive to hunters (and not the monster). We don’t need a separate ability such as the ‘mites’ to accomplish this. Depending on implementation, it can also leave the idea of ‘deployables’ available for a separate skill. I’m currently hoping for some sort of fungal/flower deployable that shoots thorns like a turret.


These polls don’t stand out enough, from the other community threads about this topic. Every time I ask myself “Is this another derp who thinks he has a super rad idea for a monster?”

Can you make it sticky, or… dunno… put a tag in the title?

I don’t pin this thread because it is unofficial. I am very cautious as to not making it look like a TRS project because it has been taken out of context before and I had to go put out the misinfo. fires. Not sure what else I can do, really, to make it stand out more. People will just have to read it or visit the main thread topic to find out what this is all about. If they give it a decent 5 minutes I think they will realize it’s more than just another monster idea thread…or so is my hope. :smile:

I know it’s not official, but it still bears more power than other threads. Well. peeps might figure it out eventually when the thread sticks around long enough and replies/views keep racking up.

Just make sure to keep the poll open for a good long while.

I’m glad you like my idea (though it’s unfortunate it seems no one else does :pensive:). If you got any ideas for the next part (knockback, skillshot, other), post them on

Thanks nemesis. I will mention my “spore turret” later in the thread above as a special attack.

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Voting will be closing on Sunday night…just a reminder if you haven’t voted yet, please read above and cast your vote!

One addendum about a DoT cloud attack - similar to Hyde’s grenades, you want it to largely force hunters to leave an area. Consider the number of mechanics in play where hunters can stay grouped on pillars, high ground, etc in a position where if the monster engages it will be at a significant disadvantage - this attack should be able to deter them from staying put. The problem will arise if a medic can simply out-heal the damage this DoT causes while staying in it for the full duration.

The poll is now closed! Spore Cloud is the winner with Plague Mites a close second! Note, due to the name of recently revealed T4 hunter abilities, a new name will be given for this ability on our monster. Stay tuned to the main thread for more news as we will be discussing what to do for the knockback ability next!