Closed Poll: Creating a Monster AOE ATTACK

  • Poison Trail
  • Plague Mites
  • Putrid Bomb
  • Tendril Explosion
  • Spore Cloud

It’s that time again! Time to continue working on our community-created monster from the thread:

The first few steps of the process have been decided…the monster’s basic archetype will fall under Parasite/Necromancer. The elements it will utilize include Bacteria/Plague, Acid, and Fungus. The traversal mobility will be done by grappling. Now, before we get down to the looks of the monster, we will focus on the attack tree. Rather than hit that up with groups of 4 attacks each, we’ve decided to limit the voting to one attack per vote. This way, future attacks can build off of and synergize with the attacks previously voted on, so they all will work together to form a more coherent monstrosity.

Please read below the descriptions of the various attacks before voting. If you have questions, please feel free to ask prior to voting. The poll will be open all week so there is plenty of time.

Poison Trail: The monster breathes/excretes/etc. poison from its mouth/pores/etc. to create a deadly zone. The poison doesn’t shoot out very far, but lingers on the battlefield for a long time. Deals DoT to anything in the poison. Could be used in combo with the Grapple to extend or elevate affected area.

Plague mites: several (about 3) mites are dispersed into the environment and will either latch onto wildlife or explode (on contact with hunters) into a dazing cloud of poison. Once attached to wildlife that wildlife will aggressively attack hunters and not the monster, and get “tainted” becoming visually changed. The only way to remove a plague mite is by either meleeing it as the monster or killing the wildlife as a hunter, both of which release the gas clouds (in a much smaller portion than if the mites were not ever attached to wildlife) and undo all effects on the creature (both behavior and visual changes). When “mited” wildlife cannot take damage from the monsters other abilities, so for the monster to kill a mited target it would need to manually melee the mite off. If an animal dies while “mited” it cannot be eaten. Plague based

Putrid Bomb: After a brief delay, the monster emits a giant cloud in a radius around itself. The cloud deals AoE damage, and obscures vision in a fashion similar to a Steamadon’s clouds. This can be helpful when disengaging, or an effective way to separate hunters from one another.

Tendril Explosion: This attack causes the monster to, as the working name implies, explode in a flurry of tendrils that launch in every direction (within a certain range). Once the tendrils hit an animal or hunter in range, it does damage.
Further evolution points gives additional range and damage. This sounds similar to Kraken’s ‘Aftershock’ ability but there are 2 things that make it different from Aftershock. This ability, while having a larger range than Aftershock, has
the chance for the tendrils to miss a target. While you can never predict where the tendrils will be launched, you could jetpack between tendrils and leave unscathed. Meanwhile, Aftershock, while having shorter range, If something enters it’s range, there’s no way it’s not getting damaged without glitches.When the tendrils hit a target, if small enough, it will drag the target back to the monster. The creatures/hunters it can carry can vary, depending on size. Think of it this way: Whatever Wraith can’t grab with her ‘Abduction’ ability, these tendrils have just as much as a chance as grabbing it as well (which is 0).

Spore Cloud: It spits out fungus orbs that float in the air and create a large cloud of spores. They are deployed like how you would with Abe’s stasis grenades, allowing for several clouds to be placed high and low. The lower visibility will make it harder for the hunters to predict its attacks. The cloud will also have various effects to help give the monster an advantage in combat. The effects will be determined later to provide good synergy with its other future
abilities. Example of possible effects are:
Hunter: slower cooldown and/or reload, plus damage over time
Wildlife: infects them, causing them to actively target hunters, and/or possibly reviving wildlife if recently killed. (The revival does not work if they have begun to decay or been eaten. Also the revival only works once, so once they die again they instantly decay.)

*Spore Cloud is somewhat like a combo of a couple abilities mentioned already, yes, but keep in mind that if you like other ideas presented here they can possibly be utilized in future attacks. Once you are finished voting, feel free to jump over to the main thread and suggest ideas for the next attack we will be voting on, which will work in tandem with some of those on the list above. Because we have yet to design the body of the creature and how it looks, also keep in mind that some parts of these attacks will change depending on say, if we go with octopus arms or if we go with crab claws, or puppy paws…you get what I mean. Focus on the attack style itself and we will design a creature that will work well with it.


I like the idea of plague mites but it doesn’t sound very feasible in terms of balance. Tendril explosion sounds better to me.

I like the idea of the Spore Cloud! =D

Hey is there ever any chance of them using this stuff to actually make anything with it?

Of course. Although the chances may be slim, the idea is for the community to create a single monster together to present to TRS formerly, with the hopes of it or something similar to it (the devs WILL make changes even if they do accept the creature) actually making it into the game at a later point in time.


I feel the mites should be similar to banshee mines, you fire one at a time, and the cooldown allows for 3, at a general limit of 5 at once, this would make them easier to understand, and use

Edit, I feel another thing is it should take the meat value of the subject to turn them entirely, so to control a sloth requires 4 mites on it, this limits the size of the fighting force based on power, so you can have one sloth and a reaver, or 5 reavers, or a mammoth bird and a strider, or 5 trapjaws.


Oh snap, that makes for an awesome hiding monster ability. Eat a creature for meat and then rez it back. It isn’t worth any meat upon another kill and acts like normal. This way you don’t leave corpses behind… :slight_smile: There could also be a legitimate reason to kill a tyrant and use this ability.


The mites seem very intriguing as its an ability that works with the environment & the local fauna. The only problem is that it will be dependent on the RNG of the environment and won’t serve much use when in combat.

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Doesn’t the Kraken already have an AoE?

so does spore cloud. we will have a split vote…but seeing as ppl hate clouds (supernova lol) the mites mite be the better bet. :slight_smile:

The mites go towards the hunters or any living wildlife closest. When wildlife isn’t around they will kamikaze once they get within range of a hunter. Maybe they can grapple them briefly before exploding into their poison cloud.

@MisguidedWorm7, good thing to note on that.

Reminds me of the Snarks from Half Life.

The Kraken’s AOE is Aftershock.

To be fair, every monster move is technically ‘AoE’ with the only exceptions being Abduct and possibly Tongue Grab for Behemoth.

This makes more sense, I can see the potential now.

Reminds me of the Snarks from Half Life.

Haha, yes! With Mr. Freeman teasing the little bugger while holding it as well.

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The nice thing about spore cloud is that it will turn any area to the monsters advantage. Anyone whose seen a movie where the threat hides in heavy fog, knows what I mean. You think it’s in one direction only for it to come at you from where you don’t expect. This will make things super creepy, especially with the agressive wildlife. Imagine just getting domed and then filling the area with the fog, I’d definitely be shouting YOUR IN MY DOMAIN NOW!

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Sorry for the double post. Skip to 2:17 in this video and imagine fog in the scene in the cave. This is kinda how I picture it going down :smiling_imp:
Don’t know how to post actual video

This is actually a great idea, would be great for balancing as well. However Striders have no way to actually attack so that would be unfortunate to waste on them lol.

For the “Putrid Bomb” ability, wouldn’t it be interesting if the ability hid any tracking dart markers or tranquilizers while the hunters were within the cloud? That way the monster could actually be hidden if it decides to pop its cloud.