Closed Poll: Bring Back Scorpid!

  • Yes! Bring him back!
  • NO! Kill it with fire!
  • I don’t care

This poll is for the return of Scorpid. Scorpid was the original monster that eventually was transformed into the Goliath we know and love today. Although we now have Goliath, I would love to see a return of the Scorpid. Should he return, what element would he be, how would he play? Or do you hate him and never want to see him again? Here in this topic you can vote, discuss how he would play, and even make a post on an idea of his abilities and/or other features. Vote away! (Hopefully this poll works)


Voting for more monsters every time! :smiley: I’m curious. @MacMan an or @SlabOMeat, do you think you’ll always have the same ration 4 hunters/1 monster. Do you ever think adding more of one side or the other would be a good design choice? I think that adding more monsters (Once a good amount of Hunters are in the game) would seem the most logically as the game is so Monster centered. P.S. I am also bias for Monsters, but I think that having lots of different engagements/monsters would create more memories than both the same ratio or more Hunters. The monster’s have the biggest impact.


Also for those who don’t know what Scorpid looks like here are some images. Also SUCCESS!


I would love to fight against an insect monster. But if they bring back Scorpid it would have to be completely redone and polished.

I would also like to fight against a monster that borrowed elements from The Thing.


hahaha! Seeing the scrapped and early stage development monsters is always such a joy. I am always for more monsters, and I have a major soft spot for developmental content that has been refurbished for release.

I will always vote yes for these things, but I also have major respect for the Developers’ decision if it never happens. Most of these changes happen for a reason. As much as I’d love to see things like scorpid, velvet worm, parasite, and others return in some form someday, it is important to respect the developers decisions for what should and shouldn’t make the cut for their game.


I would love an absorbing type creature. Consume a wildlife and then it acts almost like a sound spike but for the monster. Spies! Charlie in the bushes! :smiley:


ok. the images shown above are not what i had in mind for scorpid…it would be nice to have a monster that looked like that. i have to give it to turtle rock though for all of the hard work, time, and money they have invested in the four monsters they have given us. cant wait.


I voted to kill it with fire! Not because I don’t think he is cool, but because I know the concept that was Scorpid was perfected and crafted into the Goliath. I like how original and unique that the monster concepts have been and would rather that TRS kept up with that direction to make new and ingenious monsters!


Honestly, I would not be surprised if Scorpid made an appearance in future DLC.


Remember guys, you can also share with us ideas of abilities, movement, stats, or other ideas about Scorpid. Voting ends on Monday.


Scorpid overlord please.



Scorpid leaked!


3 more days and the poll will be closed. Please give suggestions on what Scorpid’s movement ability, abilities, or appearance could be in Evolve.


I voted for “Yes” because i still want Scorpid to be a playable monster in the game.

Scorpid attack abilities:

Claw grabbing: Scorpid can grab a Hunter or a rock and throw it away.

Pistol crab: Scorpid’s claw is cocked back like the hammer on a gun. And when it’s fired, it will blast nearby Hunters away

Charge: Scorpid charge in the same way as Goliath’s Charge.

Solar Breath (or water gun): Scorpid fires out a Solar breath that are very similar to flame breath


You basically just copied two of Goliath’s skills, no point really. Scorpid needs a whole new skill set.


Element: Water
Glows Grey when full Armor
Description: Uses lots of quick attacks to attack multiple hunters at once.
Movement: Scorpid uses a burst of water to jet itself forward. Has a slight tilt upwards but mainly goes straight. Great for making distance but doesn’t help climbing.

  1. Hydro Pistols: Scorpid uses his claws to shoot a beam of water at enemies. Can be aimed and has a some knockback and high damage.
  2. Mist Cloud: Scorpid creates a cloud of mist that limits the sight of hunters and monster but reveals where monster is if used wrong.
  3. Ice Bomb: Scorpid launches a AoE bomb that does medium damage to hunters (and wildlife) and slows the creatures down. Great for makng enemies easier to hit with 1st ability or to get away from hunters.
  4. Tsunami: Scorpid launches into the air and then falls back down with a splash of water that does small damage but has a major knockback and helps traverse the maps.

Some some ideas I threw out.


Nice, i like scorpid with water abilities x)
(voted for yes :slight_smile: )


I’m definitely feeling that first pistol shrimp ability. Check this out:

Would this not be perfect for scorpid? Cavitation shockwave claws are so dang cool.

I also like the mist cloud a LOT and hope we see it on a monster someday. It would have to have some sort of combat application though - maybe some high AOE damage in the mist? not unlike Hyde’s Grenades.


Lovely, especially that Steamadont ability sounds like a great idea.


Okay, Behemoth/Colossus/Juggernaut/Bob is almost guaranteed to be a Crab/Scorpion styled which was pretty much Scorpid’s gimmick and Scorpid’s role is now filled by the Goliath

Why would you bring him back?