Closed Poll: Arena Mode

But then people would just play for 1 hour on this and leave the regular Hunt games alone. They get their ‘Evolve’ kick and they don’t have to engage their brain. I don’t see the benefits of having this mode exist. You are either catering to the people who only want to do deathmatch games (Of which there are plenty on the market) and have no interest in trying to learn how to play Evolve, or you are dumbing down the core content of the game.

I think this is a great idea.

Well there are many other possibilities how to make happy both sides . F.E. The arena will be locked till player plays f.e. 3-4 normal hunt modes or 1-2 evac campaings. Then he can relax and play 1 turn of arena to relax and change game a bit. Then the arena will be locked again till player will play another 3 hunt games or 1 evac and so on.

Anyways the comunity isnt in best shape , so any “bonus added value to game” could attract more players.

It could also attract more players by including more CoD gameplay, doesn’t mean it fits with the game. Taking the entire game and boiling it down to a ‘Dome Encounter’ is just too much. Like I said, I would rather have a pure form of a game than have it distilled to wannabe CoD/BF ‘Deathmatch’ mode.

I hate to say this but games like CoD are played by a large amount of gamers, and CoD is more watered down than a slip n slide during hurricane season in Florida. Perhaps Evolve could use a “watered down” mode. People want entertainment, and I think the company could really benefit from a mode like this.

But that then evolves into a new issue its own.

Otherwise, I still think that people would want to go back on the hunt for the adrenaline rush of the game of cat and mouse and actually evolving, and using strategy

I am not talking to completely change Evolve to deathmatch game . I am talking about arena more likely as a " minigame " which can players play once a while if they fullfill certain conditions. Maybe people will start playing more matches just to fullfil the conditions and get to arena , which means there will be less games with bots instead of players cause… Every 3rd game on PC includes at least 1 bot…

But anyways we both have different tastes of what we like

True. Just because CoD is watered down doesn’t mean every other game does to. Sometimes it is nice to experience a game that doesn’t do that.

It’s true. However, I feel that there are other games that fulfill what you are looking for. Why try and make Evolve like other games. The reason why it is great is because it ISN’T like those games.

I agree, Evolve in its truest form based around hunting is an amazing accomplishment in the gaming industry. But as a college student working in the electronics department at Target I have not been able to convince people to buy Evolve no matter how much I sing its praises. Copies of Far Cry 4, GTA V, Battlefield, and CoD go flying off the shelf but every time I count up the copies of Evolve I have it’s a count of 8 copies, same as last week, and the one before that, and the one before that as well.

For the sake of longevity and to see the funds made available to keep Evolve pumping out more content, the game really needs to cater to a wider audience.

Old fans like you and I will always love playing the game’s true mode of hunt, but I think you and I could benefit as well if this game mode helped get more copies out.

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I disagree. The people that are going to buy the game only for this micro mode are not the kind of players I would want to play with.

I’m with you there, but I think those players would stick to that side of the fence, and we to ours plus I prefer pre-made groups anyways.

(Note: It could cause a tear in the community like you said, lots of ifs and thens that factor into the equation)

Arena mode would be the logical choice for people looking for a quick fight and are tired of the usual chasing, the hunters fight captured beasts. This is a gamemode, so it should be of course free. But an Arena mode would completely destroy the spirit of Evolve, a colladoodey gamemode should be the last resort, if playernumbers drop further, otherwise more maps maps maps.


I’ll have to agree here, Arena mode would be a good idea to help boost the player base if needed.
The maps were a really nice perk, but I think those are good thing to have for current player base retention and not expansion

That would be so fucking nice.

You can set if you want to have an stage 1, 2 or 3 arena fight.
So you can learn to fight as hunter against the monster and the other way around. Learn tactics etc. Would be sooo great

The game revolves around the idea of multiple engagements, the whole balance is set off of the idea that a monster should in general, on an even skill level, not be able to take out a whole hunter squad straight away, but instead should work through strikes, levelling up, more strikes, and then final battle.

This idea seems to completely undermine the core principle of what the game is all about.

I’ve said it about other ideas, there is no benefit to the game to expand the playerbase to play a game that is not evolve (hell the name of the game even shows how ridiculous an arena fight mode is). This kind of thing doesn’t improve the game it splits the community and risks destroying the original game we enjoy playing.


Sounds really fun but i play for the thrill of the hunt.

Your photos confuse me

So would the arena be something like this? or more like a straight up gladiator sand pit.

Why try to shoehorn Evolve into a gametype it was never meant for?

I like Evolve because it’s not like every other shooter.


Play hunt and camp the relay till monsters hits stage 3 full armor theirs your arena fight to the death :sunny:

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Well end of the day it would be a new mode which is more content and don’t have to play it so i voted yes.